Saturn in the 6th House

Workplace inhibitions, insecurities, and restrictions could be issues for those with Saturn in the 6th house. This means that they will have to deal with crippling insecurities, anxieties, and roadblocks that prevent their lives from running smoothly and efficiently. An individual with this outlook takes their work and their health seriously, but they may also feel resentful and bored by their daily routine. It’s typical of people in this position to feel trapped in a job they despise out of fear of the unknown. Work, health, and personal difficulties at the workplace are common sites for personal growth and setbacks. It’s possible that this person is stuck in a stifling, monotonous, and unfulfilling situation due to their health, job, or daily routine.

This is the house of daily life in astrology, and it’s where they’ll feel the most inadequate if you’re underpaid, underappreciated, or carrying more than your fair share of the load. Saturn in the 6th house may frequently experience feelings of failure and unfair criticism on the job. When dealing with problems related to this realm, adopting a more optimistic outlook may prove beneficial. However, many people with this placement feel an urgent need to get their lives in order, sort things out, and critically assess things again and again because the fear of losing one’s job, health deteriorating, or having too many tasks to do can be overwhelming.

With Saturn in the 6th house there may have been environmental disturbances during early life, and this may help explain why some people develop an aversion to chaos in this setting. However, this allergic reaction to disorder may really be rooted in a general apprehension of anything that isn’t perfectly in order. Astrologer Liz Greene associates this placement with not just physical but also mental diseases and chronic health problems; it may be the placement of the hypochondriac or someone who controls the family through illness. Another area of life where these people frequently experience aggravation and delays is with their hired help (if they are lucky enough to have it), which usually leads to the individual executing the job themselves.

The father was probably a worrier who had to deal with chronic health issues, a workaholic, or whose ability to do his job was seriously compromised by his illness. With this placement, the individual may also think about a career in the health field. Many of Saturn’s teachings in this area focus on honing one’s capacity for selfless service, developing more effective means of getting the job done, and establishing more orderly routines. Insecurities about one’s mental and physical well-being are often reflected in compulsive activities, excessive ordering, and perfectionism associated with this Saturn placement. Finding the sweet spot between caring for oneself, having a satisfying job, and living a healthy lifestyle requires putting one’s own needs first.

People with Saturn in this position may be good at administration and organisation, as well as workaholics who are fixated on their bodily health. They either face, ignore, or avoid the challenges, delays, and difficulties that come with pursuing a career that could provide them with a sense of security. With Saturn in the 6th house, nothing comes easily, not even the workday, which may seem longer and more taxing than what is average. However, if one can find a spirit of service and perform their duties with love and care, they can bring about a remarkable shift in this area.