Saturn in 6th House

saturn,6th house, astrologyThose with Saturn in the 6th house may have limitations, fears, and inhibitions within the working environment. This means that crippling insecurities, anxieties, and blockages will be experienced in the general ordering and efficiency of their daily lives. A serious attitude to work and health is also indicated. Quite often there is frustration with their job, and it may feel like a drudgery. Also, common with this placement, they are afraid to change jobs and feel stuck doing something he or she hates. There are usually lessons and disappointments involving the work-life, health and matters relating to co-workers. The person may find themselves in a situation that is restrictive, boring, and generally dissatisfying.

Astrologically, this house has to do with the daily routines of life, and it is here where there is a feeling of inadequacy through either being underpaid or feeling unappreciated and shouldering too many responsibilities. A sense of failure in the workplace is common, and they often feel unjustly criticized at work. Developing a more positive nature when dealing with the issues of the 6th house may help. There may be a fear, though, of unemployment, and it’s not uncommon to have an urgent need to order their day-to-day lives.

The early childhood may have involved issues of chaos in the environment and it sometimes shows a fear of animals. It may be the placement of the hypochondriac or  somebody who controls the family through some sort of illness. Astrologer Liz Greene links this placement to mental as well as physical disorders and chronic health issues. The hired help area is another sector of life that these people often meet frustration and delays. Typically the individual will end up doing the task themselves.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” radius=”7″]Commonly the father was quite anxiety prone, worrying over chronic health. Perhaps a workaholic or the working life was severely affected by his state of health. The individual may also consider a career in health with this placement. Many of Saturn’s lessons here involve learning the art of true service, finding efficient ways to work, and improving habitual methods and being more organized. This position of Saturn is very prone to compulsive behaviors, excessive ordering and perfectionist tendencies. And many of these anxieties reflect the health and state of their mind and body. The person needs to take responsibility for their physical well-being.[/su_note]

Those with Saturn here may possess admin and organization skills, and they may be workaholics who are obsessed with their health. Security may be found through work, and they meet challenges, delays and difficulties in this area or shun it altogether. With Saturn, nothing comes easy, and they will frequently feel as if their work day is much longer and harder than most.