Saturn in 2nd House

Saturn, 2nd house,

Those with Saturn in the 2nd house commonly have a fear of poverty, and often in childhood there may have been some material hardship. However, there is also a distinct mistrust of everything that could offer security. They have a powerful anxiety about losing what they own, and feel criticized and judged by others for their attitude to material belongings and the personal values and beliefs they hold.

People with Saturn in the 2nd house may be compulsive collectors and things such as property and ownership is often a serious business. Saturn in this position may involve the person managing a company or taking care of estates and it may endow them with timeless values. Though they frequently worry excessively about whether they have enough money, and having everything they need. This placement of Saturn can also suggest excessive self-limitation in this area. It reflects the possibility of money problems and struggling under the weight of financial debt, but this often forces the person to deeply evaluate and examine their own feelings and beliefs.

The individual can feel impoverished, regardless of what they own or what they had growing up. They feel very insecure around their own ability to sustain all of these things. Saturn placed here may feel a lack of self-value and security inside and so wealth and ownership represent the only sense of structure he or she feels is real. They may lean heavily on others for material needs and have not mastered the lessons of self-sufficiency and how to earn a decent living. On the other side, he or she has mastered the meaning of this house and takes their finances very seriously and does not rely on others for financial help.

 Saturn in 2nd House

Furthermore, there is another expression of Saturn in the 2nd house and this is the person who denies themselves all material possessions and loathes a materialistic society, feeling bitter towards those who spend their money foolishly. It is believed that materialism actually lies in the shadow of these natives. Many have mastered the art of stinginess, penny pinching and keeping a careful eye on their money. Saturn in this earthy realm can be disciplined and pragmatic about money matters, but there are often heavy burdens and responsibilities attached to ownership, property and money-making.

Above all, this placement of Saturn is about defining individual values and concentrating on their wealth, possessions and worth. They are examining what they are worth, not how society judges their values, but more how they view themselves and the feeling of being deserving. Usually there is a powerful need to look at the importance of money in their lives and whether or not it holds too little or too much influence. Ultimately the end goal is to gain a sense freedom in this area; this may mean slowly building resources, and putting in the effort for the desired results. Perhaps the only way they will feel good about themselves and not suffer inadequacy is by meeting their basic needs without any help.