Saturn in 5th House

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Those with Saturn in the 5th house often feel that their ability to self-create is somehow blocked, and this may reflect some psychological conflict that stops them creating effectively. This will influence all their individual means of personal expression. All of this includes romance, artistic pursuits, enjoyment, hobbies and children. These people may also believe they are unlovable and the sense of inadequacy felt when showing off their talents may create a kind of stage fright as they often feel they have something to prove.

Saturn here sometimes represents a critical parent standing in the way and blocking creativity and self-expression. The person may worry about what sort of reception he or she will receive when they express this inner -child out to the world and feel judged. However, the harshest critic is within the individual. They often feel in receipt of a limited amount of praise growing up and not much recognition for their efforts.

Saturn in the 5th house may indicate the reluctance or inability to have children. The children may bring heavy burdens and responsibility. The individual with Saturn here may be strict or overly serious towards children or they may have experienced an unwanted pregnancy.

The person with Saturn in the 5th house may also feel that romantic love is somehow halted, limited or they manage to deny themselves the love, attention and adoration they are desperate to feel. The person is so afraid that no-one will find them lovable that they have a bitter attitude towards love that creates resentment, jealousy and eventually the rejection that they fear so much. Romantic affairs may be filled with obligations or there is a distinct lack of opportunities. Furthermore the love-life may be taken very seriously and they take every flirtation as something much more and are frequently told to “lighten up”. Some experience serious disappointments in a relationship or love affairs might involve someone in authority or who is older.

Saturn here may reflect a lack of confidence or crippling shyness when it comes to self-expression and they have a hard time fully enjoying themselves. They spend a lot of time trying to let out this playful, creative spirit without inhibition. The person has grown up not feeling much self-significance and needs to recognise their own importance and learn to love and create in a childlike manner. It is important to understand the reason there are are blockages, but they may also be learning to approach this area in a focused and disciplined manner. They need to learn about and master their own talents and personal uniqueness – those which separate them from others. The individual may create something which is long-lasting and stands the test of time.