Uranus in the 8th House

Those with Uranus in the 8th house seek out freedom regarding close relationships and like to express themselves uninhibitedly on the core emotional level. Some semblance of detachment is needed as this can be the house of losses and unpredictable turns of events. Relationships and other attachments are open to sudden changes and nothing stays the same in the intimate area of relating.

It is certain that you will lose something or someone of importance in your life, and that will be the catalyst for the process of searching to begin. It is a questioning to discover if there is any solid foundation in life, or how to deal with this transiency which when experienced in a negative form can strip the life of all colour and vitality. What is needed then is a rebirth, through which, with wiser attitudes, you are more ready to face the facts of life.

With Uranus here, the sense of security is shaken to the core at various points in their lives. 8th house planets bring the early experience of death to a person’s life. Endings could occur through the divorce of parents upsetting inner security and inability to feel emotionally secure in their own relationships. Uranus tends to spin on its own axis and overturn existing stability in favor of doing things differently than what is conventional. It is also not uncommon for them to be a bit hot and cold in relationships; one minute coming on strong and then suddenly switching off again, but this has a lot to do with the desire to be free. It could also involve lessons about freeing the self from compulsive behavior, addictive problems, and awakening their shadow side.

Commonly Uranus here is no stranger to sudden breakups, relationship shake-ups, and disruptions. The problems often pop-up unexpectedly and they try to hold on tightly. The partner may feel the need to break away and ask for more space, contributing to their topsy-turvy feeling of things getting stable and then changing again. Passionate relationships may have an element of loss of control, but on the more positive side, it embraces the opportunity for change and the opening up of new possibilities like never before. In intimate relations, they are curious and explorative around sex and experimentation. Free and liberated attitude towards sex, and a rebellious attitude when it comes to what society considers taboo.

Uranus in the eighth house… through strong psychic feelings which, if not well-disciplined, can lead to erratic and uncontrollable harmful impulses. This tendency is often manifested in the sexual realm, leading to extremely unconventional desires, especially if Uranus is aspected with Venus, Mars, or the Moon. A well aspected Uranus sin the Eighth can bring sudden inheritances and financial benefits through unexpected windfalls. Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology: The Classic Guide to Modern Astrology

There could be recklessness rebellion and a disregard for normality, deliberately acting out in the areas concerning, sex, violence abuse, or the occult and more hidden aspects of life. In the inner deeper recesses, those with Uranus in the 8th house may discover things that feel disturbing, abnormal, or strange at first. Yet, a stark look at the darker unconscious ultimately frees them from feeling chained to the expectations of others. Uranus also projects itself onto a partner and the other might be emotionally unstable, blowing up constantly, acting reckless, or could be totally different from others in a Uranian fashion. Uranus here awakens a lot of emotions like jealousy, revenge, and possessiveness and these types must find a new way of approaching this area.

Sexuality can also be an aspect of your nature that Uranus seeks to work changes through. The importance of sexual activity may be quite strong in your life, possibly determining certain choices for you as a result of its demanding voice. Uranus will stimulate an unconventional approach to this fact of adult life, and your scope in this sphere could be considerable and varied. This will be especially so if aspects are made to natal Moon, Venus and Mars. Your sexuality can add to the forming and dissolution of partnerships; and depending on their impact in your life, Uranus may take this route to confront you with its necessary lessons. This could even include moving beyond a certain emotional detachment and distancing, towards more embracing, intense, emotional experiences in relationships. Achieving this could result in a rebirth for you in an important sphere of your life. Gate of Rebirth: Astrology Regeneration and 8th House Mysteries

Individuals with Uranus in the 8th house possess an unusually high interest in the darker arts, healing, or probing into deeper dimensions more than most people do. It is as if they want to lift the lid off everything hidden, mysterious, and kept secret. It is not uncommon for them to experience sudden psychic events. The freedom aspect attitude in the direction of life and death can happen, Uranus here likes to choose it on their own terms, by exercising free will. It is harder for them to accept fate, control, and finality, but this placement opens-up their awareness towards difficult topics such as mortality or an afterlife, and sometimes a new consciousness arrives in the way of a sudden loss. The lesson with Uranus placements is to be detached, but not overly detached. Above all, those with Uranus in this part of the chart are learning how to ride the rollercoaster of ups and downs in intimate relationships, shared resources, and through the darker depths of relating.

Rebirth can occur through an investigation into the hidden inner realities beyond the superficial appearances. This can be through scientific or occult investigations, where the sense of probing new dimensions can stimulate and excite the mind. Yet it is often a maturation of your emotional level that is required, so that you are able to commence deeper relationships with others too. This rebirth is not just a personal need, it is tied in with the nature of your social relationships, where personal development should also have beneficial social repercussions. In finding a new self, you should also realise a new form of social relating, expressing your place and function within the webbing of the collective network.

There are sudden insights into psychological complexes that come out of the blue, erupting from the unconscious stunning them into new realizations about intimate relationships, sex, the occult, other people’s money, and investments. It could lead to new business partnerships, investments, or a whole different outlook on what kind of close relationships they desire to be realized. In astrology, the 8th house rules other people’s money, joint resources, and finances. Cash comes in an unpredictable way, sporadically, and there may be sudden legacies, losses, or a partner’s financial situation altering. Tax and property problems could occur, for Uranus in the 8th house is commonly known for sudden reversals of fortune. Alternatives in handling resources are needed and to choose something that strays away from the standard path in an effort to handle unexpected changes in this area of their lives.

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