Sun Opposite Uranus Synastry

sun opposite uranus synastryThe connection between a couple with the Sun opposite Uranus in synastry may be turned upside down at times. If both enjoy the buzz of sudden change, surprises and new insights, it can be fabulous. This alliance creates electrical currents between this pair. When they hook-up, the energy generates dynamism, electric waves, voltaic charges, but it can also be tense and charged, sometimes explosive and volatile. “Relations are like electric currents. Wrong connections will give you Shocks throughout your life. But the right ones light up your life.” In other words, it can be the kind of relating that makes the world spin sideways, and it leaves perceptions of what you thought you wanted forever changed. The newness that the two of them create together is memorizing, and sometimes they kind of do feel they have this oddball way of relating. Everything takes on a tilted view, and there will often be collisions, but there are often some unexpected results.

Life-Changing Relationship

A couple with Sun opposite Uranus in synastry have some extremely opposing polarities in their connection. While the Sun wants passion and warmth, Uranus has a desire for intellectual detachment and freedom. Yet there is also a spectacular expressive nature, existing between them both, and it can spark off creativity, stimulate excitement, and produce shockwaves. If taken too far, though, there can be risk-taking, extreme need for excitement with one another, and the tendency to push each other towards the edge. It also plays out where the Sun wants to feel special and important and Uranus is connected to the larger collective of voices. This relationship could actually be life-changing for one partner involved in it, creating new waves of transformation.

According to Liz Greene:

If one of your planets lands on Uranus in my chart, it’s going to stimulate something in me which belongs to the whole ideological fabric of my generation. Generations do have ideologies and are motivated by particular ideas. So a cross aspect to Uranus is going to stir up all this in me. I may find it very uncomfortable, especially if Uranus is in a difficult aspect with other planets in my chart and I already find collective “isms” threatening. One of the things I might discover is that I have sympathies with things I didn’t want to admit sympathy with, particularly more iconoclastic movements or original and eccentric ideas. Or I may simply be forced to acknowledge that there is a world much larger than the one which contains my family, my house, my neighborhood, and my country. So the other person will push me into awareness of the collective currents that are much larger than me and could swallow me up. This may change me very radically if I am open to that kind of experience. I don’t think for a moment that aspects to Uranus are insignificant to a relationship.

When Love Rebels

This could be a rebellious interaction and it creates stubbornness, acting contrary, or taking the wrong end of the stick. While it is stimulating and never dull, there is also a confronting element and some unstable energy present. Perhaps in this interaction, they have always needed freedom and space and have just never had the kind of partnership that one could describe as predictable, cozy and safe. One partner (Sun) may feel the other to be overbearing and often finds ways to mess up plans, throw a spanner in the works, and likes to shake things up (Uranus). Wills may clash heavily, and it’s not the most traditional fusing of energies, but they will challenge the way everybody views a loving relationship, purely by relating on a whole new level, and they are animated by the obstacles in their way. Like two factions at war, they’re like stubborn lovers who can’t agree!

On and Off Relationship

Astrologers call this one of the most difficult of the synastry aspects due to an element of coldness, detachment or insensitivity seeping through it. For a highly emotional person or someone who is jealous and possessive by nature, then it may prove to be particularly trying. This can be more of a problematic contact when it comes to meeting one another’s emotional needs. And the periodic seeking of greater independence from one another and to assert their free-will as much as possible, could take a toll. The sexual attraction between them both often results in an off and on again relationship, with sudden splits, and breaks. One partner may feel like they are the centre of this romance, and also will also feel as if they lend all the warmth, while the other may feel they bring a component of excitement and thrills, keeping the relationship vita and alive so that it never feels stale.

Speed of Light

In this relationship, it is like both are heading towards accelerated growth, where they will learn surprising discoveries about each other.No matter what, they feel drawn towards each other like a magnet moving at jet speed. This could indeed be a highly enlightening bond, and it comes with an utterly mutual fascination for each other which sends sparks flying everywhere. They may inspire one another to reach great heights, encouraging with warmth, positivism, and great friendliness, so both reach the unlimited sky. The Uranus partner will see the Sun partner as a fixed point in their life, a source of vitality. Im this relationship, there is a need for one’s own friends, social life, and belief system. The humorous, Steven Forrest believes that a couple with this contact possesses the greatest fear that they will wake one morning as Siamese twins, or locked in the ancient drama of the autocratic king and self-righteous rebel.