Sun in Cancer: Heart & Soul

1331153The solar journey for Sun in Cancer involves an exploration of the emotions and the nurturing side of life. It entails everything that falls under the dark, mystical and shadowy side of existence.  Moreover, there is depth, wisdom and powerful intuition living within a soul possessing a potent inclination towards the past. Usually, a Cancerian finds it hard to break away from the black and white images of the unconscious, family and the mother and often needs to claw their way into the colour of the present reality. This is all due to the crabby nature of the sign, as in the crab’s backwards movement and profound immersion with its biological roots. Underneath a hard shell is a sentimental and nostalgic attachment with a strong sense of self-preservation and powerful defence mechanisms, The individual is regularly caught-up in their emotions by wallowing, feeling depressed, hysterical, pessimistic and gloomy.

Cancer is intensely emotional and psychically sensitive and is rather like a walking oracle. However, being so deeply attuned to the profound mysteries of nature, there is a persistent need to withdraw from the world and reflect. The individual loves to play in a world of rich fantasy, creativity and dreaming and to immerse their essence into the feeling realm. Being overly possessive there is a lot of sensitivity and moodiness that reigns and anything connected to the silvery Moon (Cancer’s ruler) looms large, but also illuminates a dark world and brings the person closer to the emotional dimensions of their reality. The ebb and flow of the emotions will always pull vulnerably at the core of the Cancerian through every phase of their personal odyssey.

Sun in Cancer ~ Inner Workings

The unconscious watery realm is always threatening to overwhelm and the Moon in astrology is the container of deep emotions and rules over ships on sea journeys. Jung made the point that psychology is another such ship and an individual can find support when in danger of drowning in feelings and being overcome. Understanding the inner-workings of the personality is usually a powerful draw and a way to perceive the hidden side of life.

Family obligations may have delayed their own goals in the early part of life. Also, there is deep reluctance and a terrible feeling of vulnerability that overtakes when Cancer is asked to try something new and unfamiliar, and to venture out in a different way. Yet the door must be opened to the creative life which will serve to feed and nourish the soul; it will quiet the feelings of loneliness and being stuck in a familiar routine by worry, insecurity and dread.

One thing that is highly noticeable about Cancer’s life, is that it’s highly cyclical and the moods are constantly changing reflecting such cyclic movement. A Cancerian is journeying towards trusting their deepest intuition rather than relying on their instincts. All of this means, not to react so powerfully out of habit, and to reach towards a higher illumination of feeling. What Cancer needs is to follow what is most dear to their heart and what really feeds the soul. In this sense, when fear arises, the individual can re-centre the self by returning to the watery depths and following their inner wisdom.The highest level of expression is the use of powerful intuition and magical gifts and consciously applying them to life.

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