Sun Conjunct, Square, Opposite Mars

tumblr_mscxb7QQ101s1zil8o1_500An individual with the Sun conjunct, Square or opposite Mars are motivated by Mars to be assertive, confident and to fight for what they want in life. The Sun-Mars type projects their will very forcefully out into the environment, and this is a person that has bags of energy at their disposal when they need to achieve their goals.

They can be known for their competitiveness, self-will, and pushy/bossy nature at times. The individual often finds waiting around for someone else to do it to be intolerable and prefers to do it themselves most of the time. Independence is usually important, and they are the type of person that will take action in their life. A Sun-Mars person will often have considerable strength and fight to win in battle. If someone tries to walk over them it won’t be tolerated for long, they are the type of person that won’t back down easily. They are not usually known for being patient, and get themselves into hot water by jumping in too fast and easily becoming irritated.

A Sun-Mars individual is contagious for the boundless energy and fire that burns within, and they are useful to have on anybody’s side. The person with this contact responds quickly to any sign of threat and often need to test their strength and power against others. Though sometimes they can frequently get into a battle of wills with others and be uncompromising. The individual often reacts violently to those openly confronting them and whose opinions are different. They can be blunt at times, not always on purpose, and will tell others directly exactly how they see the situation.

Those with Sun-Mars contacts commonly find themselves involved in hazardous sports, dangerous adventures, and daredevil pursuits. Women with this contact find that it is their partner who carries Mars and works in the military with firearms or as a firefighter. A man chosen by Sun-Mars may show particularly strong martian traits through his personality and is the strong, independent, forceful type. He may be a bad-tempered bully and difficult person to get along with and someone who has no consideration for others. The relationship could be rough, but it may be the exciting kind. This kind of relationship is often an emotional battlefield and filled with plenty of passion.

You have a strong resilient nature, or you feel fearful and feeble in the face of what seems a hostile world. So on the one hand, you are built for action, and as a rule you have no trouble getting on with the job at hand. You are decisive, forthright and competitive, and other people pick up on this and respond to it – although not necessarily favorably. On the other hand, you must realize your timidity is being felt by the child in you, which poses the need to develop the tougher adult side of yourself. In either case, you need to know what you want, otherwise what could be a mixture of desire and aimlessness or sheer wilfulness will create more enemies than allies. Bear in mind that your undeniable drive and energy is initially discovered through encountering similar competitiveness in others. Your primary requirement is finding a worthwhile cause. The Instant Astrologer

Sun-Mars may have to learn how to make compromises, but they sometimes get so passionate about life that they find it difficult to back-off when they are feeling so strongly about their goal. The Sun-Mars type needs to be challenged in life to burn off some of this energy constructively. It is important for them to express what it is they want and satisfy those desires and ambitions. They hate to feel limited and restricted and love the adrenaline rush of taking action and making things happen now!

The individual usually ends up in a leadership role, directing others and motivating people should come fairly easily. They have plenty of strength, courage, assertiveness, and others are impressed by their direct action. Though they have to be careful with their temper and of being a hot-head in situations that require decisive action, not continuous arguing. Sun-Mars may need to learn to how to plan things out better, listen to others, see their point of view, before moving ahead too swiftly. The person does well when they find a worthwhile cause to promote, and can get behind something they believe in strongly.

Sun-Mars types are great at starting businesses and taking the initiative, they have plenty of vigorous physical and mental energy. They can be risk-taking, but they are great at getting something off the ground. It can make them incredibly hard-working, but they also suffer burn-out and stress eventually and need to be careful of accidents and physical injury. This may often be the price of living such an exciting life. They are the individualists of the world and stand-up for what they think is right.

In relationships, there is a lot of lust, passion, and excitement on the scenes and they do become aroused easily. They are a go-getting personality and are very fond of the hunt, and are not easily thwarted. Sun-Mars will often stir things up quite a bit just to get a reaction and provoke a fight. The person often gets what they want from sheer will-power.

The relationship with the father may have been difficult and involved violence and cruelty or sexual abuse and they could always be at war with him. The slightest disagreement in the air and things can go ballistic with the feeling of having to fight for everything. It may feel like it is others who are always disagreeing, creating disharmony and challenging them over every decision made. It can feel like quarrels always find the individual and they always need to prove themselves to others. However, this combination is a soldier and no matter what obstacles they are confronted with the person will always keep moving forward and battling through life.