Sun Conjunct, Square, Opposite Jupiter

Those with Sun conjunct, square or opposite Jupiter tend to see the bigger picture and have a boundless appetite for life, taking every experience in positively. As well as a powerful sense of self-belief in everything they do, there is a feeling that things will turn out alright in the end no matter what happens.

When Jupiter, the oversized planet, is aspecting the individual’s Sun they may be prone to over-estimating their capabilities and falling short of such big goals. A bit more realism is a helpful attribute to have with this aspect in the horoscope.

On the whole, Sun-Jupiter people wander a lot of the time, and have the knack of finding luck just when they need it. The ancients referred to Jupiter as the ‘great benific’ and is associated with abundance in life. It is important for these people to live life to the fullest and never worry about the consequences. The general goodness and kindness in their personality along with lots of generosity can mean they use up all of their resources and may have been over-indulgent.

The individual with this contact is often interested in Jupiter type pursuits such as traveling, publishing, public relations, religion, spirituality, teaching and basically anything that enhances and expands their worldview. They are always looking for opportunities that will help them grow as a person. Sun-Jupiter is not usually a person to rely on to do a dreary, mundane job, everyday. They like to see what is possible and use their talents to the fullest, eager to learn more. However, sometimes this is perceived as the individual acting like they are above it all.

As an indicator of knowledge, Jupiter, when coupled with the Sun suggests that these individuals are intellectuals and commonly very avid readers, but feel best when they develop their own take on life. In fact, a lot of things in their world need to have a sense of meaning and purpose. The person is always wide-open to new perceptions, directions and opportunities that fall at their feet. There is always the danger of being too abstract and over-generalizing and too conceptual when taking the broadest view as possible.

They naturally always have this feeling of abundance and feel that support will always be there, but can sometimes suffer from a feeling of being special, and deserving of everything. The person has to be careful not to overindulge in food, drink and the sensual pleasures, and guard against taking life too easy. Sun-Jupiter can also take big risks because they always have a lot of inner faith that it will be fine. ‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’ is probably the best motto to describe how they generally feel about life and its bounties. A big sense of fun and adventure and strong need for freedom is a common aspect to the Sun-Jupiter personality.

The combination of these planets sometimes forgets about limitations because they simply do not see them. This is the person who is incredibly ambitious at times, and can’t understand why others are so down and pessimistic about everything. They are big believers in destiny and really do believe that everything in life has a purpose. The individuals with these contacts  hate obstacles standing in the way of progress, but are usually flexible and find other ways to progress. They like gypsies and find it hard to settle down and have an eternally restless spirit and like to be active.

In extreme cases the hard aspects between Sun and Jupiter come across as being big-headed, high and mighty or arrogant. Often thinking too highly of themselves thus rubbing other people the wrong way. This combination is prone to over-exaggeration at times and too trusting in life’s goodness. They often refuse to listen to well-meaning advice and genuinely don’t believe anything bad will happen. They tend to bite-off more than they can chew, and be over-demanding of others.

The individual with this contact may also promise too much. On the whole, they are well intentioned and don’t want to disappoint others, and are often very charitable. They just see the bigger picture and forget about all the details and amount of work involved. Optimistic, enthusiastic and successful in what they do, the Sun-Jupiter type tends to gain promotions, benefits and grants quite easily. They have a natural sense of self-confidence, but have to be careful not to get over self-assured as this is the kind of attitude that leads to over-sights and mistakes being made.

Those with Sun conjunct, square or opposite Jupiter tend to have strong beliefs, and are a supporter of everybody reaching their full-potential. A fantastic sense of humour and ability to see the lighter and brighter side of life are always good attributes to own. A person with Sun-Jupiter in aspect can be extremely charming and childlike when they want to be and possess plenty of honesty with themselves and others.

Quite a number of people with this contact have a big following in real life and often through their online activities. It seems they are gifted at gaining support from others, and often attain a fair bit of wealth . They work well when they help with fundraising and charitable organizations. Sun-Jupiter people really do love to take in more of the world and many have big hearts, they just need to careful not to waste all the resources that come their way.