Jupiter in the 8th House

Jupiter in 8th House


An individual with Jupiter in the 8th house has great enthusiasm, optimism, and spirit when approaching taboo areas, other people’s money, even the psychic realm. Jupiter in this position may have a great attitude to the aspects of life that others find far more uncomfortable and it is a place where the individual seeks increased understanding in areas ruling the inner planes of life, the deep level of existence, and the life-death cycle. Jupiter in the astrology chart represents an area of growth, travel, wealth, and feeling of freedom. According to Stephen Arroyo, there was one lady with this placement who said that dying sounded like a great adventure. This due to the 8th house being the ruler of physical death, but also ego-death and as it is the house of transformation, something usually has to die to be reborn.

Charles Carter says:

Longevity of life seems to be the best experience to Jupiter well aspected in the 4th, 8th, or 12th houses, or in good aspect to their rulers or planets in them. Uranus and Neptune sometimes appear to operate similarly. Another valuable feature is Saturn well placed in the 4th, or the 4th house ruler or occupant well configured with this planet. Good Saturnian aspects do not vitalize, but they conserve, making the native economical in the use of his physical powers and prudent in respect of taking risks, wither of illness or accidents. Furthermore there is usually good ancestry.

We often find those with Jupiter in the 8th house helping others transform their attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions about death and dying; this placement could also be extremely spiritual, possessing plenty of emotional resourcefulness. The parts of life that could change for the person could be an old attitude, a change in their belief system, and this has often been called a blessing in disguise in the way they hold a positive attitude to a crisis, trauma, or the handling of joint resources. The good that comes out the bad. The individual’s faith could, however, be tested, but often benefits arrive when things seem at their most extreme, and some form of help appears – a tax rebate, divorce settlement, a legal claim goes well. It could be the person that has a traumatic experience but also benefits as there is always a godsend even in the worst of situations. For example, a near-death experience changing the person’s sense of beliefs, and giving them a deeper meaning to their existence. Perhaps it is the individual receiving justice for a crime committed and presented with a large payoff. Or in the more growth-orientated approach, deciding to let the experience turn into something more positive and life-rewarding so that it can lead to great healing benefits.

With Jupiter positioned in this psychic realm of the 8th house, it could indicate a lot of learning in the esoteric area, the occult, and deeply spiritual practices. Help may come to these individuals through hidden paths: psychics, and spiritual endeavors uncovering secret knowledge. They may enjoy philosophical discussions about death, healing, and forbidden topics, seeking a higher meaning, and putting these powerful substances into a larger context. The individual may be good at helping people out of difficult situations and benefiting others during a crisis, disaster, or emergency. This could be financial or spiritual help and they may greatly benefit others through wills, legacies, and through the area of research. The type may also have innate intuitions into stocks, business, and generally has a positive outlook when investing money. The individual with this position may make a large contribution or offer plenty of emotional support to those in trouble. Although they are often subjected to experiences that test their beliefs. It is because this realm involves everything that is hidden underneath, and many 8th house matters of life can spin out of control. This placement amounts to a great amount of searching for answers in the invisible realm, trying to understand the meaning of psychology and psychotherapy and perhaps gaining a lot of insight on these matters, and also being lucky with the answers.

Jupiter in astrology endows an individual with immeasurable wealth, being the god of gifts, as well as personifying justice, modelling right and wrong. The planet also has a rule over our world view and it’s where we tend to place the highest amount of meaning upon the lessons we have learned. Moreover, it symbolizes the opening of doors to new possibilities bigger and better things. The 8th house also deals with relationships, emotional exchange, and the values of the other person. It is the house of the irreversible, unalterable, irrevocable, and rules over fate. Jupiter in the 8th house can be an indicator of great wealth, and so it may represent the individual gaining power, marrying money, potential financial gains being awarded, or perhaps by winning the lottery. There could also be ease in gaining financial help from banks, receiving large loans, though, there is the danger of borrowing too much. Adverse aspects to Jupiter could affect the fortunes in the opposite way, so the individual needs to use some caution. The other side of Jupiter in the house of desires could mean they have a lot of sexual partners and have an open attitude towards intimacy or a huge sexual appetite with a feeling of joy and happiness in the godly sense of the sexual experience. It could also indicate a mate committing infidelity, or it could show sex with foreigners. Power struggles in a relationship could involve religion, beliefs and morals. It can be extreme, involving an intense and emotional experience over their convictions.

John F Kennedy had this placement with a bunch of other 8th house planets. He was known to be a womanizer, rampant and careless and had plenty of fortune, but not so lucky on the health front. The fortunate position of Jupiter didn’t prolong life, but he did win a medal for saving several lives at sea for those in peril.