Venus-Pluto Transits

Venus-Pluto transits involve not only relationships with others but also one’s inner feelings of self-worth and happiness. In terms of relationship issues, the individual may have difficulties in expressing love in a balanced way, and overwhelming passions and power-struggles will test the strength of any bond.

Many people fall madly in love during this transit, even if life is pretty stable and predictable a new love may enter and stir up intense feelings; the individual is shaken by a love affair. The feeling of rejection may also be felt more acutely, and a partner may express jealousy and possessiveness, or, we ourselves are just as easily aroused into threatening behaviour which could destroy the relationship.

The twin monsters of Jealousy and possessiveness spring from the co-rulers Taurus (Venus) and Scorpio (Pluto), and are the result of overwhelming feelings of insecurity. Emotions get out of control, and love and affection are fixed. In one of my astrological studies, three women experiencing Pluto in aspect to Venus had an episode of stalking during this time.

One of the partner’s may express unexpressed feelings of resentment towards the other. We may be struck by insane passions and find ourselves in a love affair with a criminal, and wounding by love often occurs under difficult transits. A powerful love affair could occupy our thoughts for this entire period, but there is a chance that it might end in hurt and betrayal, and we will be left with feelings of both love and hate, and this can leave us with complex emotions. How can we love someone we hate? How can we hate someone we love?

Some individuals having this transit may decide to undergo plastic surgery or have a radical makeover. Under positive transits, it may reconstruct the person’s sense of self-worth and finances. One person in the relationship may experience some kind of trauma or crisis in their personal life. The partner may be going through massive changes such as pregnancy, a personal death, crisis or a massive fluctuation in their financial circumstances.

Sometimes Pluto-Venus transits represent the actual death of the partner, but this may also be in a figurative sense, and when any relationship needs to change – something has to die. For example, we may discover our partner has cheated on us, manipulated us, and so we lose our naivety and trust, and we have to find more honest ways of relating and rebuild a relationship that has been destroyed.

New and existing relationships often undergo crisis and Pluto forces us to find our own inner values and resources, and radically transform the way we relate.  Sometimes Venus-Pluto transits represent a time when emotional, psychological and complex issues surface – such as abuse, physical disturbances and emotional game playing, and in some cases, the relationship is ended or changed forever.

The sexual life also undergoes a period of transformation and may even change dramatically. There may be intense sexual and erotic experiences, or we may find ourselves involved in a socially taboo relationship. There may be a new enthusiastic passion for provocative works of art, music, and beauty may all stir the senses right now.

Venus is also linked to money and wealth, but this area may be blocked from further growth, and creates immense inner tension within a relationship and values are tested to the limit. If a relationship does end or there is a significant change in the partnership’s income it presents us with serious problems. Survival of the bond is threatened on a material (Taurus) and emotional level (Scorpio).