Uranus: Mind Over Matter

It was William James who made the observation that our first act of free will is the decision to believe in the existence of free will. Uranus is the most crucial planet in astrology since it is associated with the concept of “thought over matter.” To sincerely believe that all one needs to do is change the way one thinks about reality, and the world as we know it begins to shift in precise agreement with the person is something that cannot be denied. In astrology, Uranus represents the higher intellect, and it is believed that there is a collaborative effort taking on between our minds and the physical world we create.

For hundreds of years, people have debated the nature of the interaction between the internal mental world and the exterior physical world. A multidimensional force emanates from the planet Uranus, which is known for expanding our world’s dimensions as well as people’s perceptions of them. When our views are distorted, as is frequently the case when Uranus is about, transformation begins to take place. Symbolic of greater awareness, mankind as a whole, and the extension of the divine intellect, the huge blue planet is on the lookout for a more comprehensive framework within which to explain reality. In many ways, it is a call to wake up to reality, as well as a representation of man’s effort to be the ruler of the universe.

In Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, Liz Greene discussed the notion of the growth of the mind, specifically how Uranus’ aspect with Saturn causes us to be cropped together as if we are a part of a whole, despite the fact that we are utterly seperate. When it comes to the etheric body of a man, which is also known as the “human energy field” or the “aura,” Uranus is discussed in this section.

Only the downfall and castration of Uranus at the hands of his child, Saturn, is mentioned by our ancestors in their symbolic portrayal of the evolution of consciousness. This is an amazing symbol which suggests a very ancient enmity between the two motivations within a human being which these planets represent. It would be an insult to the richness and beauty of the symbol to make such a pragmatic a statement as the fact that we see the castration of the mind by the insistent identification with matter…


Astrologically we assign him (Uranus) to the rulership of invention, genius, originality, individuality, and the urge for freedom. His chief characteristic are his suddenness and abrupt flashes of intuitive knowledge which he evokes through an airy sign, and esoterically he is given rulership over the etheric body of man, that web of energy upon which the physical mould of the body is built which serves as a conductor between the mind and the feelings and the physical brain and body of man.


The etheric body or vital body is no longer an esoteric concept; it has at last made its appearance in the laboratory and been duly photographed, and is now under extensive research as the possible source of life. For many people the energies of Uranus are too fine to be utilised, and so he has a reputation of being either a dumb note or a malefic. The intuitive mind which is capable of synthesizing inner and outer perception…he is however a powerful motivation toward freedom from identification with matter…Uranus seems to be linked with the archetypal figure of the magician in the Tarot deck, who is a fusion of mind, feelings, body, and soul and therefore has mastery over all four worlds.

Many Uranian persons, as well as Aquarians and those born with planets in the 11th house, are interested in astronomy, astrology, mind-bending subjects, technology, science, and architecture, among other things. The planet might be involved in a variety of other endeavours that have the goal of awakening consciousness. Uranus represents an eruption of information that reveals something we were not expecting and introduces us to new ideas and a fresh perspective on things. It governs the universal principle and countless aha! moments in which we gasp in astonishment at what has been disclosed as a result of this revelation. In addition to questioning our ideas about life, it frequently jolts us into consciousness through quick and unexpected experiences that shock us out of complacency about life and what to expect.

We spend a significant amount of time attempting to break free from what we believe is beyond our control, collecting information, and inventing new technical advancements. Many philosophers believe that everyone of us is accountable for the design of our own lives since we are all built on the same foundation of the human mind. It was pointed out by Sue Tompkins in The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now) that Uranus transforms into Saturn, and that the two planets are almost an anagram of each other.

 Curiously, most things Uranian eventually become Saturnian.

Uranus represents the unleashing of explosive force, and when we give birth to new ideas, they begin to manifest in the tangible world around us. Invariably, while considering this side of Uranus, we find ourselves in Matrix terrain, with thoughts of programming the mind to master martial arts, dodge bullets, and bend spoons.

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