Air Signs: The Realm of Humanity

The Air signs in astrology are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These fresh signs deal with are ideologies that belong to the world of ideals and often lofty ideals of how one should pursue life. The realm of the rational, balanced, and logical is expressed by the airy trigon. The ancients viewed air as divine because it differentiated man from the beasts. Most of the zodiac has animals with the exception of the air signs – which are represented by the human form. It is within this dimension where we distinctly find the use of impartial assessment, diplomacy, and cleverness all of which elevate humanity to the heights of the gods.

Ethical principles and the art of civilized behavior all belong in the airy landscape. In some elemental cosmogonies, AIR is believed to be a primary element and essentially related to ideas. The breath of life, speech, and the stormy wind represent this airy element. Air is the most ethereal component in the zodiac and is a medium for movement. imbued with light, flight, and lightness. This breezy aspect of nature was also seen as a higher subtler matter and the very stuff of human freedom. The Element of Air is associated with birds taking in a wide panorama view of life and surveying the world through an aerial scope. Able to detach themselves from reality. This ability also brings with it bright, clear-thinking and impartiality.

Ethereality, grace, charm and elegance are all bestowed upon them. However, possessing a flighty nature can also mean a tendency to take flight when things get too messy and possessing a difficult relationship with real intimacy. For all of their wonderful idealism, nothing in the real world is as clean as some of their ideals. Air signs are usually very social and need to be in public relationships, parties, and social gatherings. They need to stay in circulation, exchanging ideas, and to keep moving. This element has a level of abstraction that takes them away from everyday reality, and there is a high focus on aesthetics, thought directed towards the well-being of citizens, and the rights of others. However, for all of this airiness, we need to take a look at each of the zodiacal signs belonging to this atmospheric element and gain a clearer idea of how each one operates.

The Air Signs


In Gemini, we have the positive, mutable element of air operating, it signifies a powerful need to communicate, identify and perceive. The mind animates the world and it is in the sign of the twins, where we first learn to talk, mimic and copy adults. The Geminian retains this ability into adulthood and can easily impersonate others. Many comedians possess a Mercurial temperament and like making people laugh with their quick-one-liners. The perceptions of life are always extremely sharp, especially in their observations of the “little biosphere. “

With a love of communication; they are the masters of wordplay, and also represent the duality of light and dark. Gemini is the most light-footed and is required to be fast, since Mercury/Hermes is associated with thieves. Apart from outrunning other people, it is also the Geminian who likes to outsmart, outthink, and outwit everybody. Known as the patron of alchemy, sorcery and magic, there are always many tricks up Gemini’s sleeves.

Youth is always associated with this sign and this is portrayed through their humor and endless curiosity about life, as well as the ability to be versatile, adaptable, and with a mind that is quick and agile. Gemini is always in “two minds “ about their direction in life, and it is mainly due to their duality and what the Greeks called the Gates of Hercules, the gates to the world of opposites. The divided self in the personality often needs unification, and they’re learning to gain a more holistic approach to life and understand there can be completeness.

The mind usually likes to quickly grasp the new content and move on. Gather new thoughts, ideas and pass them on to others. Gemini deals with the fluid mind that prefers not to stay in one place for too long, in case one becomes rooted to it. Geminians can also become bored quickly, and they are often accused of having the attention span of a gnat. In fact, Gemini is a channel hopper in conversations and can get restless on one subject for too long. This restlessness is only because there is so much that interests in life and that is interesting, and they enjoy learning. The strongest talents are in speaking, writing, and communicating. However, Gemini is also extremely tolerant of others and they are non-judgmental; they make great journalists have a “live and let live” philosophy, are lively, carefree, dazzling, sociable, and entertaining.


Libra is congenial, good-natured and a perfectionist. A Libran is ruled by Venus and as an air sign spends a lot of time thinking about love. The better types are sociable and companionable. In fact, they are a lovely company to keep for they wish to offend no-one and are always courteous, polite and obliging. They hold the ideal vision of the perfect relationship, and will often enjoy the idea of the partnership rather than the actual person. Libra likes to picture a whole world of harmonious relationships where everybody comes together in sweet harmony.

Typical Librans are on the quest for the perfect union, and they also possess the style factor and a deep love of beauty. The guiding principle is to weigh and balance before coming to any kind of conclusion and to always aim to be fair and objective. The world of design, architecture and art also needs to have symmetry and harmony within its intention. The purely Libran possesses exceptional gifts of seeing the good in others, and will always find what is most flattering and likable about an individual.

The sign of Libra is also commonly indecisive and can have trouble taking action pacing tormentedly before the door of any decision. According to fellow Libra, C.E.O Carter, the evolved type is where we find that there is much sweetness and spirituality and there is a marked longing to escape from worldly conditions. Also noting, the liking for the opposite sex is usually noticeable. There is also the weakness and an inability to say “No”, or to take a firm attitude in the face of hostility and avoiding all unpleasantness at all costs. Libra makes the world a nicer place to be. The strategist of the zodiac has excellent powers of negotiation and mediation. The Libran will fit in with other people’s wishes and preferences, and within them is always the overriding need to promote agreement and equilibrium. Everything in Libra’s world is weighed by the scales of justice of fairness and morality.


Aquarius possesses idealism and the commitment to bringing about change and is all about the spirit of the times; they are the fearless genius’ of any epoch. The Aquarian is pre-eminently a sign of Utopianism and this kind of perfection is in their DNA. An Aquarian is often born of the brilliant, eccentric tribe, partaking in that spark and explosion of innovation and tends to make waves in the world. The Aquarian has also been noted as an accomplished socialist, but perhaps this is on the large scale level as this is where they sit comfortably and are inclined to join groups that identify with their ideas and ideals.

Aquarius identifies with humanity at large, political power, and a certain order in the world. Thus, they’re often found to be interested in social issues. We find in this zodiacal region the broader cultural matrix infused with the latest advances of science and technology. Souls born under this constellation can liberate, enlighten, and paint us a picture of how things should be. Aquarius can also paint a picture of the world very much at odds with the world of common sense. A belief that humanity should strive upwards is powerful within them, and they challenge us to look at things differently with a kind of awe, as they zoom us into the world of knowledge. In fact, they often lead us into other dimensions of thought. Many Aquarians are into physics, astrology or astronomy,  gazing upward at the sky and understanding that we are all connected to the greater cosmos.

Aquarius possesses sparkling intelligence and a twinkle in the eye; they are our guide and companion to the stars. The sign is all about humanistic values and universalistic assumptions about human nature. They possess a persistence of vision and are a force for change and innovation, which is also represented by the waves of electricity and those bright sparks leaping from fabric. They are attracted to sociology, and this is the science of persons; the study of human beings or any other observable hominid activity. Being born under this energy represents the power to do almost anything via their minds, and those with planets in Aquarius will plant the seeds of a new cool world.