Pisces: The Ten Commandments

In an effort to distort reality, thou shalt not live by compulsions like drinking, drug addiction, and other forms of escape.

Compulsions such as alcoholism, drug use, and other forms of self-medicating avoidance of one’s responsibilities are not permitted. As Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, this sign is prone to unhealthy patterns of reliance on others and compulsive behaviour that can have devastating effects on both emotional and physical well-being. Stimulant experimentation frequently leads to the disintegration of one’s personality. S acrificing their identity in pursuit of more profound emotions. It’s the sign everyone knows will eventually start to fall apart, if drugs are used as a distraction from day-to-day hardships. While they may yearn for a state of constant pleasure, they must not let that wish cloud their ability to deal with the day-to-day challenges of life or to pursue their dreams.

Thou shalt not stand idly by

Excessive passivity is a surefire recipe for ruin. In combination with an addicted nature, aimlessness can be fatal. At its worst, Pisces have a tendency to aimlessly float through life without setting any meaningful objectives, ultimately accomplishing nothing.

Do not use your creative thinking skills as a crutch to avoid facing the actual world

Pisceans detest mundane tasks and rituals. When confined, one’s sense of freedom, possibilities, and independence from the practical world all seem to evaporate, and one’s imagination emerges as the only means of breaking free. The natural tendency is to mentally check out of the situation and go swimming. Anything that requires them to deal with reality or deal with the world as it actually is bores them to tears. Pisces is torn between the ethereal and the tangible, and as a result, they typically try to maintain a foot in each realm at once. While it’s true that daydreaming can be a healthy creative outlet, it becomes harmful when people spend too much time in their heads and too little time in the real world.

You must not look at life through rose-colored glasses

When it comes to choosing friends and partners, Pisceans don’t always have the best perspective; it’s not that their intuition is off, but there is a lack of discriminating, and this can cause problems. As a result, they may waste an excessive amount of resources on losers. Pisceans are emotional whirlpools, so their sympathies may never run dry, but they do have to place limitations on who they feel compassion for when it comes to other people.

No one shall take advantage of thee

Pisces has the worst reputation for being a doormat among the signs. It may be because they are emotionally vulnerable, yet some Pisceans have also been discovered to exploit the emotions of those around them. Being a Neptune-rue dlsign, you have a tendency to be easily duped because of your trusting nature and the fact that you tend to take the bait too readily. Neptune is the boundary dissolver; it floods and overwhelms, taking everything that one believes to be strong and powerful and rendering them weak, confused, and helpless. The planet Neptune acts as a diluting solvent for otherwise concentrated sources of power, and as a result, everyone feels like they’ve been had.

Don’t change forms or have multiple selves

The sign of Pisces is the chameleon because its members are continually transforming into their surroundings by taking on the characteristics of the last person they had physical contact with. People born under the sign of Pisces have the ability to empathise with and take on the characteristics of anyone they come into contact with. Neptune symbolises the need to let go of a formal sense of separateness in order to live in the multiplicity of existence. And just as the water can go from being calm, sparkling, and translucent one moment to being murky and very tumultuous the next, so can their moods.

Be resistant to temptation

Yes, the ability to discriminate is once again at play, and people of this type are easily caught. An overactive imagination might cause a person born under this sign to fear the worst, but the stereotype of the sign is that it is weak and readily swayed by its emotions rather than its ability to judge the actual situation. The fishes are hopeless romantics who cry at the most sappy movies, such as those with a soundtrack consisting entirely of violins and featuring dramatic, passionate romances at the airport or on a rocky beach.

Avert muddled thinking from thy mind

This characteristic is very obvious. These two poles are symbolised by the fish swimming in opposite directions. With so many options available, they may find it challenging to make decisions with clarity, and they may experience bouts of bewilderment. Indecisiveness and haziness about one’s beliefs and values are normal human experiences. But if they are frequently perplexed to the point where they are unsure of what to believe, think, or feel, then they are at risk of having their boundaries violated.

Thou shalt not indulge in pity for thyself

Sometimes Pisceans wallow in self-pity because of dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and an unwillingness to face reality. Don’t forget that their empathy is infinite, and it may even increase if the situation strikes close to home. The mindset of “I must suffer in order to serve” must be abandoned. Unfortunately, Pisces is prone to carrying along unnecessary guilt. Not their fault, yet they often take on other people’s troubles anyhow. It’s possible that they may feel guilty for not doing enough. Those born under the sign of Pisces have a tendency to take pains and hardships in life far more seriously than they should.

Thou shalt not engage in dishonesty

There’s a common saying that the truth is relative and can be found anywhere in the middle. Pisces has more than one answer available to them. How are they expected to respond honestly? But I will not stand up for liars who are so brazen as to try to trick people into believing their lies through appeals to their emotions.

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