Scorpio: The Iceberg

Many have likened Scorpio to an iceberg because, like a glacier, only a tiny fraction of the Scorpion is visible at any given time. In addition to the obvious coldness, the sign of Scorpio also possesses the dual power of reflection and stillness, making it a good analogy for ice. Pluto, the planet that rules the Scorpion, is the furthest from the Sun, and hence the coldest. The Scorpio, a fixed water symbol, is essentially frozen solid. To flourish and survive in the harsh environment of a frozen landscape is a common requirement for the sign throughout life.

The Scorpion symbol represents the icy beauty that is often associated with the sign. The image of the ‘Femme Fatale,’ like that of the Scorpion, denotes incandescent power and a profoundly complex personality. One such example is Medusa, who, despite being surrounded by snakes, can transform an enemy into stone with only a single, icy stare. Underneath her icy exterior, she oozed incredible passion and intensity, as well as a raging firestorm of vengeance and rage. According to an alternate reading of the myth, Medusa’s rage was born out of deep-seated fury, indignation, and hatred she felt after suffering a horrific rape. It’s possible that Medusa is the most intriguing female mythological character ever conceived. Even the dullest intellect can be awakened by the tantalising prospect of hidden information, yet most people will avoid venturing too close to Scorpio in their quest to unravel the secrets of its many hidden depths because of the piercing gaze it casts in your direction. The Scorpion is familiar with the underlying fear strategy or self-protective tendency that forbids entry to their hidden world.

Grace Kelly, a much-loved actress, is a great fit for this cold-but-fiery stereotype. Kelly was Alfred Hitchcock’s favourite leading lady in films, and he reportedly compared her to a snow-capped volcano, saying that she was full “fire behind the ice.” In addition, she was dubbed the “coolest of the cool blondes,” so it shouldn’t come as a shock that the star was born under the sign of the Scorpion, with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all located in the 1st house and trine Pluto.

Once more, the action of Scorpio, cosmically, in form of volcanic eruption, water-sculpturing, erosion, etc., brings to the surface virgin matter hitherto not utilised. If it were not for the contending forces of natures, the flat earth would be long since stale, but it varies climate, level, conformation permit worn-out matter to be carried off, new, crude substance to take its place. It is the same with man. The terrific strains, contests and passions of Scorpio act erosively, clear off worn-out, weakened and unfit character-increments, ring to the surface elements so far dormant, so far concealed, latent, undreamed of, so that, which he could never have aspired and weathering storms in strength gained from the Scorpio. Zodiac: A Life Epitome

Since ice and fire are inseparable in any Scorpio reading, focusing on the cold exterior reveals that Scorpio can exhibit behaviour indicative of a fear of vulnerability. They may appear hard on the outside, but below that tough exterior lies a soul that has been through a lot of tragedy. Its stony exterior may occasionally be a carefully crafted mask for more complex feelings lurking below. This is why it’s important to tread carefully while confronting a Scorpio, as the depth of their feelings is typically concealed from others. As we move in on the sign from a different direction, there is also the fact that ice is ephemeral and you can break through it.

When negative emotions that have been suppressed from consciousness come through – and they will eventually do so in some fashion – they overwhelm. Painful emotions are an inevitable aspect of being human, and to reject them is to deny a part of humanity. Movement is trapped by ice, and pieces of the self might be brutally frozen. The icy danger and battle, fighting the great frost, and attempting to reach into the heart of Scorpio may appear bleak. In their Scorpionic universe, we enter a frozen eternity and an icy existence that is often preferable to living; everything has been “frozen.” Frequently, the Scorpion struggles with a variety of emotions, including jealousy, hatred, fury, turbulent passions, shame, resentment, and humiliation. Nonetheless, beneath the frosty exterior of every Scorpio is frequently a mountain of blistering pain and a profound understanding of human emotion.