Scorpio: The Iceberg

tumblr_ngjc4ir9RU1rvlhgmo1_500Many times, Scorpio has been described as an iceberg, and just like the glacier we only see parts of the Scorpion on the surface, but there is a whole lot more going on underneath. We can compare ice to Scorpio’s iciness, not just in the obvious coldness but the sign also has the dual power of reflection and stillness. Pluto, the Scorpion’s ruler, and the furthest planet away from the Sun – is the coldest. As the Scorpion is a fixed water sign it is in essence – ice. Frozen places are inhospitable and we are often required to thrive and survive in entering such a realm.

The beauty of the ‘ice queen’ is attached to the themes of Scorpio. The ‘Femme Fatale’ image, just like the Scorpion, represents incandescent power and the deepest complex personality. Medusa is one such example, encircled by snakes, turning an enemy into stone with one icy stare. Underneath all her surface coldness, oozed overwhelming passion and intensity, along with a firestorm of vindictiveness and rage. Other interpretations of myth claim that Medusa’s wrath was the result of her being horribly raped, and the fury, indignation, and resentment was buried deep. Medusa might be the most compelling woman ever created in myth, at least, the most mysterious. All of us are deeply drawn to a mystery and have the urge to discover secrets; even the least curious mind is roused by the promise of knowledge withheld, but try and discover Scorpio’s hidden layers and the icy glare alone is enough for most people to keep their distance. The Scorpion is well acquainted with the scare-tactic or self-protective nature forbidding access to the hidden world which lies at the root of their behavior.

Grace Kelly was an actress who was deeply adored by fans and fits this icy-fiery image particularly well. Alfred Hitchcock once described Kelly as his favorite cinematic leading lady, as a snow-capped volcano – full of “fire under the ice.” Furthermore, she was named the coolest of the cool blondes, in that case, it should come as no surprise to find that the star had Scorpio Rising with Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in the zodiacal sign of the Scorpion, all in the first house and trine Pluto.

Once more, the action of Scorpio, cosmically, in form of volcanic eruption, water-sculpturing, erosion, etc., brings to the surface virgin matter hitherto not utilised. If it were not for the contending forces of natures, the flat earth would be long since stale, but it varies climate, level, conformation permit worn-out matter to be carried off, new, crude substance to take its place. It is the same with man. The terrific strains, contests and passions of Scorpio act erosively, clear off worn-out, weakened and unfit character-increments, ring to the surface elements so far dormant, so far concealed, latent, undreamed of, so that, which he could never have aspired and weathering storms in strength gained from the Scorpio. Zodiac: A Life Epitome

Ice and fire are always combined in any Scorpionic reading. Thereupon, if we return to their icy veneer, we find Scorpio can present a certain body language that says, I ‘m afraid to expose myself, to leave the possibility of being vulnerable. Make no mistake, they are incredibly sensitive underneath and possess a soul that has experienced many dramatic downfalls. Sometimes their icy strength is an elaborate cover, masking the depth of emotions lurking below. This is often why confronting a Scorpio needs to be done carefully as the enormity of their emotions often remains invisible to others. Another point to consider, as we approach the sign from another angle, is the fragile ephemerality of ice, and it can be broken or someone can break through it.

When negative emotions that have been blocked from consciousness breakthrough and eventually will break through one way or another – they overwhelm. Painful emotions are the inevitable part of being human and rejecting them is ultimately rejecting part of humanity. Ice freezes mobility and fragments of the self can be painfully frozen. The icy threat and struggle, fighting the big freeze, trying to reach into the heart of Scorpio may seem all doom and gloom. In their Scorpionic world, we enter into a frozen immortality and into an icy existence that is often preferable to living, everything is “frozen up.” The Scorpion will often be struggling with a host of emotions from jealousy, hatreds, anger, turbulent passions, shame, resentment, and humiliation. Still, beneath the icy surface of every Scorpio, without a doubt, there often lies a mountain of blistering pain and a deep understanding of human emotion.