Scorpio: Glow in the Dark

scorpio glow in the darkThe Journey for the Sun in Scorpio within this lifetime involves heavy and intense motifs. Firstly, there is an immense stirring of all the unconscious, psychic, repressed material underneath. Secondly, this is the sign that must emotionally dig, so there is always a search for the why beneath the surface. Thirdly, there is a substantial emotional investment in the answer. The Scorpion is their creature and is a deadly life-form that travels by night, and can sting with its poison tail. What is deathly cool about these nocturnal Scorpions is the ability to glow in the dark when ultraviolet light or the Moon is shone upon them. In every way, this personifies the character of those born under the sign of death. Often the worst to overcome in the personality is usually jealousy; it’s dark and defensive nature with all of its subterranean drives.

Scorpio is challenged to meet with the Self and all the parts that have been pushed down into darkness. Scorpio is profound and mysterious; there is enormous capacity for healing and self-destruction. Every individual born under the deathly Scorpion must pass through a “dark night of the soul” and walk through the fires of hell. In essence, this process involves burning away all the things that have disempowered the spirit and to find the treasure hidden within the heart of darkness. In the meantime, they are confronted with a piece of their dark nature on the way towards a new resurrected life.

113256-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-astrology1-scorpio-sc37Many of a Scorpion’s insights will be gained throughout turbulent experiences. However, a good many have the ability to master the occult, hidden side of life, the darker undercurrents flowing underneath our world. The deeper dimensions of the Self are explored, with all of its emotional desires and passions. Throughout many astrological readings, Scorpio is always given the most intense lessons of the zodiac. In ancient times, the sign was a symbol of evil and death; thus, it contains some of the most difficult readings. The Zodiacal sign of Scorpio has also been related to the serpent in the Adam and Eve myth, but rather than tempting humans with sin, it is viewed as a symbol of wisdom and renewal of life – while it is also said to represent our animal impulses. In the modern world, Scorpio still longs to taste the forbidden fruit and is driven towards the shadowy side of life. The New Age ruler, Pluto, ensures there is also a deep attraction towards this magical force within nature that has the power to change, transform, and create new growth.

A Scorpion has always been a representation of the struggle to overcome the darkness. In the Alice Baily’s Hercules’s Myth “The light now shines on Gate the eighth,” and what must be fought is the Hydra in a stagnant swamp, with a stench polluting the air. Within this lair the Hero/Hercules must confront the monstrous beast dwelling in the deep cavern of perpetual night.

The Hercules remembered that his Teacher had said, “We rise by kneeling.” Casting aside his club, Hercules knelt, grasped the hydra with his bare hands, and raised it aloft. Suspended in mid-air, its strength diminished. On his knees, then, he held the hydra high above him, that purifying air and light might have their due effect. The monster, strong in darkness and in sloughy mud, soon lost its power when the rays of the sun and the tough of wind fell on it. …The nine heads drooped, then with gasping mouths and glazing eyes fell limply forward. But only when they lifeless lay did Hercules perceive the mystic head that was immortal. Then Hercules cut off the hydra’s one immortal head and buried it, still fiercely hissing, beneath a rock. Returning, Hercules stood before his Teacher. “The victory is won”, the Teacher said. “The Light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blended with you own.” The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation

Many Scorpios seek great mystical unions in relationships, a way to merge with others in a spiritually transforming way. We meet the dark feminine energy, something within its power possesses the ability to consume another soul. The Scorpionic individual is certainly magnetic, charismatic and filled with intensity. In many ways, this is a sign which lives in the extremes, lives with the penetrating aspects of their personality being painfully sharp. However, they are genuinely capable of the big transformation story and describe the great journey of evolution on the astrological wheel. No matter what, there is always be something magical and powerful about Scorpio, and this sign taps into untold powers of reserve and strength.

As the sign of FATE and TRAGEDY, those with planets in Scorpio and the more evolved types will make a comeback and walk towards the path of healing rather than inflicting harm others as a way to intimidate and gain force, they always return with maximum power, renewed strength, revealing to us how Scorpio truly glows in the dark.