Astrology: The Algebra of life


Humans have always viewed the heavens with awe, sensing the vastness of space and the power of creation and perhaps even something of their own origins. When the truth of astrology reveals itself, there is an even deeper sense that we are all part of something bigger. The word astrology means logos or the language of the stars. Pythagoras is considered to be one of the first to use mathematics as a means of understanding the universe, and found it all to be immensely beautiful and not only a system of order. The philosopher came to the conclusion that the underlying reality of nature is based on numbers and this is something that exists at the root of astrology, which uses the precision of its geometrical movement. In Ancient times, the physical universe was defined by the principles of the Greeks and it was thought that God had set the heavens in perfect and eternal motion. To most astrologers, there is profound depth, relevance, and meaning to this psychological art, and one only needs the willingness to experiment with it. It is generally thought by many students that astrological study opens the door to a greater sense of self-knowledge and also gives us a deeper capacity to understand others.

Primitive people worshiped the celestial bodies and assigned them mystical powers. Its relationship with myth has been intertwined since its first emerging and these stories act out a symbolic portrayal of human patterns associated with feelings, conflicts, triumphs and fears. We all have similar psychic structures and goals, and we all share them as a virtue of being human. Far from diminishing our uniqueness as individuals, we can have a deeper appreciation of all types of people and work out variations of great complexity on similar archetypal themes. Astrologers consider their art to be occult, spiritual, psychological or an empirical science. Whatever the case, the subject is full of magic and filled with mystery.

On a spiritual level, Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet, had visions of planetary spheres as homes for souls between Earth lives. In occult science the spheres are called astral planes and Mankind is bound up in a relationship to the solar system; we are all living out some kind of purpose and following some kind of design. The Earth is viewed as a meeting ground, where we all work on what we have learned in other lives. The great twentieth-century psychic explains planetary vibrations by drawing parallels between the resonances one accumulates, absorbs and builds. The readings indicate that an individual must pass through all of the planetary spheres if spiritual progress is to be realized.