Patricia McBride: Passionate Ballerina

Patricia_McBride_Jewels_1967Patricia McBride is an American Ballerina with the longest career on record and spent 30 years dancing with the New York City ballet. McBride emerged as a star with roles specifically created for the accomplished performer. It was said she danced full of emotion while creating magnificent rapport with some of the greatest male dancers. When Patricia danced it was also said she oozed passion throughout every part of her body.

The world’s most innovative choreographer – George Balanchine – created dances especially for his muse and she admired and loved him and wanted to do well. The beautiful dancer was described as shy but tireless and worked seven days a week, possessing an amazing work ethic. Patricia also married a dancer and run a ballet company together. With all of these fabulous comments and attention rolling McBride’s way, one begins to feel somewhat jealous (meow) and it’s enough to want to scratch her eyes out (just kidding, she seems really sweet and lovely). It would be a good time to analyse some of the chart placements to see where all the adulation, praise and adoring fans can be seen in the star ballerina’s horoscope, along with being paired with all the great male lovers in dance.

First a video:

Patricia McBride possesses four planets in the sign of Virgo and this accounts for the great work ethic and as we know, dancers need to take a lot of criticism. Also, when teaching their skills to others, offer their own constructive evaluation for how best things can be improved. For further information about Virgo’s work ethic, criticism, kind and loving nature – read here. However, we know a Virgoan soul isn’t showy in the personality and doesn’t want or need to attract such worship. We all have our eyes clearly focused on Venus conjunct Pluto in Leo and in the 5th house, creating an emphasis on the most entertaining side of the Leonian nature. Below are excerpts from this website on these placements and we can clearly see the ability of Venus to powerfully give a performance and attract of all these honours for dancing.

Venus in Leo:

A person born with Venus in Leo seeks relationships that embody romance, drama and generosity. The emotional life is colourful and there is often a love of entertainment, play and creativity. Ordinarily, those with Venus here seek the approval of others in social situations; love, attention and affection boost their sense of self-worth.

Venus here needs to be appreciated, adored, flattered, and made to feel special. The person’s feelings are never neutral and passions are strong, and they usually like to spoil and pamper lovers and shower them with gifts, songs, flowers and attention….The artistic sense is usually strong and this person may have an interest in fashion design, hair styling, and modelling or fashion photography.

The individual wants to gain recognition for their creative achievements. They enjoy being treated like a king or queen by lovers. For this person each love affair is a grand passion and they enjoy showing off their lover. Venus in Leo looks for romance of the mythical kind, that is noble and heroic. They crave love, appreciation and attention from others and hate to be ignored. Venus in Leo

Venus in 5th House

Those with Venus here like to be appreciated and loved for their talents… People with this placement need an activity or hobby that fulfils their desire for creative expression. The 5th house symbolises the result of procreative effort – whether it is writing, art, a child, or blossoming romance. These creative accomplishments boost self-worth and feelings of happiness and contentment….Those with Venus in this position usually possess a strong appreciation of aesthetics, and this person will not feel completely fulfilled without an outlet of some kind….Ordinarily, the individual enjoys sharing their creativity with others, and they are likely to do so with an eye for what they think is pleasing to others, and receive attention and validation through this arena. The problem with this placement can be a tendency to judge self-worth based on the amount of love and valuation that is received for their creative outpourings. The need to feel proud of their personal talents is often marked in the personality. Venus in 5th House

Venus-Pluto Aspect

An individual with Venus conjunct, square or opposite Pluto will find that it is within their intimate relationships where transformations occur. The love life will be full of emotional highs and some desperate lows. The person may account stories of intense, obsessive and consuming love and it is one of the classic aspects of power-struggles within a close bond. Passion is something deeply craved, even if unaware of such desires. If relationships are flowing along on a more superficial level, at some point, they will be forced to face the darker depths of emotion. Pluto also introduces an element of fate and destiny to meet when involved intimately with others.

On another level, there is also a deep sense of unlovableness, fear of rejection which plunges the individual into despair.Venus also rules art and beauty and so they might be obsessed with creativity, artistic endevours, and making something worthwhile out of what other people have discarded. Venus-Pluto Aspects

Venus-Pluto aspects in the natal chart are filled with immense passion and there is love combined with power and beauty, lying within the shadow. Grace is paired with transformation and usually, some great love affair can deeply transform, and when with a partner, these folks engage in a passionate dance of dark love, loss, betrayal, loving completely or not at all. Rising to the greatest heights of feeling and falling into the greatest despair. It can also be a jealous, insatiable, erotic and filled with sexuality. The contact is imbued with magnetism, sexual charisma and underneath there is always a need to feel emotionally satisfied. This is where the obsessiveness stems from and the individual will go through extensive pain, as long as there is a deep feeling of affection experienced. Of course, it can relate to long passionate romances and a love that endures more than most. Venus-Pluto marks the McBride’s passion for dancing and being on stage and the performance, along with of all of her Leo attributes making her something of a femme fatale on stage.