Uranus: Mankind’s Hero

downloadUranus, like the other outer planets, is not simple for the astrological devotee to encompass because of its collective nature. Besides, with every planet in astrology, there exists both its creative and destructive expressions, and we see its more negative declarations through revolutions happening all over the world, many involving cold rebellion, bloodshed, and gross anarchy. Alternatively, we also bear witness to its more positive appearance through the advancement of mankind from degradation and darkness to where humans could possibly rival the gods. Natally and by transit, we link Uranus with various mythic images and past events as well as with individual and collective psychological patterns, especially using the primary image of Prometheus the Titan to analyse just what the creative fire was which he stole from the gods and gave to humankind.

For the Greeks, this archetypal figure reflected a primordial law of existence and the fate of human kind. Astrologers have a particular fondness for Uranus and have studied the cosmic blueprint or design, linking astrology and Uranus. The suffering of Prometheus provides us with a vivid portrayal of the price to be paid for Uranian inspiration, divine guidance, and enlightenment. In the Promethean myth, he is viewed as the rebel, traitor, mankind’s hero, and protector of humanity. In modern day, the god’s fiery gift has come to represent the spirit of technology, forbidden knowledge, cosmic understanding, the conscious intellect, free-will, political power, creative inspiration, and experiencing a broader universe. As a god whose name means ‘forethought,’ we humans soar across boundaries into the future, discovering cosmic secrets. Prometheus has been called something of a “cocky bastard” for stealing power from the gods, simply for us mortal things that live and die. His love for the human race is well emphasized throughout this mythical story.

According to Liz Greene, Uranus signifies the capacity to awaken to our divine heritage and become fully conscious of our own godlike creative powers. Prometheus’ punishment of being chained to a mountain-top while an eagle returns daily to pick away at his liver symbolizes the price we pay for unactualized Uranian knowledge – loneliness, alienation, the hopelessness of seeing one’s unlived potential. Also, the Promethean/Uranian individual has to come down from the mountain-top and implement such a vision in a way that brings about the greatest good for the largest number of people, i.e. Uranian knowledge must serve in an unselfish, humanitarian end.

The mysteries of Uranus symbolizes a dimension of the psyche that can shatter our sense of identity if it is not integrated with a genuine sense of self. The Uranian urge must be contained by a strong ego, grounded by common sense and possess a sense of fellow feeling, in order to prevent being swept away by rebellious revolutionary fervour, with such an innate justification of rightness, no matter who gets hurt, or the headlong pursuit of progress without regard for consequences. Uranus and its various manifestations reveal itself most powerfully in human affairs – revelations of universal design, awareness of geometrical patterns, insights into nature’s evolutionary purpose, a valuing of movements and group action. Liz Greene believes the house placement of Uranus is where we experience radical breakthroughs and “long to offer the world the gift of fire”.