Sun in Virgo / Moon in Scorpio

Sun in virgo and moon in scorpioAn individual with Sun in Virgo and Moon in Scorpio possesses something of a deeply intense, profound, curious need to delve into the workings of outer nature and to what lies behind the veil. It creates a wonderful mix of resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and a powerful outward goal of being useful. It can also involve serving in some capacity, and finding a well-defined job. Underneath there is an overpowering, and deeper layer to your personality, one that contains both rich and emotional depths. You feel profoundly about things, and this emotional aspect of your personality loves to dig below the surface of life. You possess a deep-seated need for everything mystical and transformational. While essentially, being a rational, analytical, studious type, there exists within you this undertow of passionate, reactive and far-reaching feelings, with the acute ability to sense things on the deepest level. A psychic attunement into the deeper workings of nature is present with a need to dig below the surface of existence.  On an outer level, you want to present a rational outlook, but sometimes you may be unaware of those forceful emotions. For all of your immense rationale and cleverness, there will often be times when deep-seated emotions rise up, ready to be faced.

In work life, perhaps you are drawn to jobs that require the ability to manage an emotional crisis. Many lunar Scorpions are drawn to subjects relating to psychology and psychiatry. Being able to analyze people’s lives on a practical and emotional level is something of a gift, and you can offer the best advice in all aspects of healing, from remedies to cures, and therapies, since you have the ability to heal and transform. Naturally this dark Moon, with its metamorphic potential is the part of  the reason as to why you drawn to mysteries. Everything matters particularly intimate relationships and the life-force of erotic feelings within them. Your emotions are enigmatic, penetrating, probing while revealing nothing. You are very focused on duty, improving working methods, and perfecting a craft. In fact, you can excel at research, detailed evaluations as you really know how to penetrate into the depths of any subject.

Truth is, you could be well known for some amazing skill, and you are a soul completely dedicated to your art. Many people admire such thoroughness, and you are also a passionate servant, intuitive critic, and powerful healer. Sometimes you try to rein those feelings, but it is difficult to put a lid on such profundity, strength and perception. You may be a workaholic, intense devotee –  possessing a fondness for knowing how everything works – and its functionality. Being self-reliant, and capable of any task comes naturally to such a personality.

Sometimes A Scorpio Moon can make one prone to addictions, especially drinking. It  also inclines to mysticism, occultism, and psychism. Perhaps there was an early death or trauma with this lunar position that has forever coloured your nature. Jealousy is easily aroused and there is a tendency to be rather unforgiving and severing ties with wrong doers. At times, you find it difficult to tread lightly, and may be the most emotionally perplexing of all the lunar signs. You are easily affected by your emotional undercurrents, and protective over who to let into your psychic field. You were not born with illusions about life and have a supernatural way of perceiving the secrets of others. It may frighten people that you are usually spot on about most things. In fact, you can be almost “dead on” about everything, and it is unnerving for others sensing that you just “know things” without really understanding why.

You have always been forever asking questions about life and death, submerging yourself into life’s mysteries and into how EVERYTHING works. Being intensely private, sometimes solitary, you need time alone to gather your thoughts and emotions together. You are also deeply cynical and critical about most things and expect people to help themselves. Perhaps you are a big believer in self-help, and with enough knowledge and conviction, anybody can improve, change and transform their immediate environment. In your daily investigations, you leave no stone unturned. Which brings us to another important facet of your nature. Ironing all the creases out of life is one of your special traits, attending to all the knots in everything. However, with Sun in Virgo and Moon in Scorpio you are something of a steam-cleaning-machine. Something a whole lot more powerful! You’re a more competitive version of the average Virgo, and more precognitive.

Your diagnosis of anybody usually involves a good dose of common sense and a little bit of black magic. Plus, you are intensely aware of imperfections, and there is always more to improve in your book. But there is also more to psychoanalyse, probe, and you really do love working quietly towards your objective goal. Most often, it involves painstaking research. You know your innate talents and abilities and you are usually not the kind who believes the world owes them anything. You count upon your wits and survival strategies to navigate your way through life. Your Solar Virgo emotional nature is more – intense than the average maiden’s -, but this is a refined and extreme combination of the shy, pragmatic spirit, with the ability to tidy up loose threads. You can also plunge into deep waters of  pain and darkness, with the skill to understand others in a completely profound way.

Famous people with this combo:

Raquel Welch – The way she describes her parents, links up with  this Sun and Moon combination, ultimate Femme Fatale.

Christine Chubbeck – The Virgin suicide, worried about a lack of relationships, a volunteer for charities, shot herself live on television.

Chrissie Hynde – Don’t Get Me Wrong! Extremely private star. A Vegetarian and animal rights activist.