Aries: Dawn is Breaking

a34103d0cba47923646fe0406364c448The Aries personality is the breaking of dawn over the horizon, the hues of reddened sunlight with a burning urgency to start the morning, it often calls for early adventure. Like bolts of red thunder from heaven reaching the earth, striking with the promise of new potential, within this zodiacal sign is the feeling of being alive, rushing into existence, and experiencing the magic of life in every beginning. After a long night of the soul in the watery depths of the previous sign (Pisces), the Arien lifts the veils of mystery and awakens to the beauty that always comes after night.

Some people think of the morning broken like a new egg hatching. Aries is the rising of consciousness and how the Sun loves to lounge in this red aura. Is this not the ‘primal scream’ of nature, the running of the herd, the beginning of desire? Possessing a powerful urge towards self-expression, unfolding in the search of new possibilities, here the personality is unfettered by outside interference. Life runs an exciting course, and personal development is everything. In fact, we could say Aries is on a voyage of self-discovery and all things are possible at dawn.

The Ascendant is the entry point of constructing a horoscope, so it is analogous with Aries, the primary symbol of the “beginning of things.” Since the Ascendant is where the heavens meet our physical space (Earth) – and where the Sun first appears att he day’s dawn – it refelcts Aries-like qualities that go with the first eruption of any physical thing into time: a forceful, assertive and energetic temperament. The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology

Aries is the embodiment of our fiery passions. In Aries lives the soul of the warrior, daredevil, the pioneer. The point where we begin to flower into our evolutionary journey, and stare life in the face, acting with courage. We swallow our fear, remember our strengths, and use our fiery power. Fire signs live in the Sun’s warmth, and are thankful for each day, living it with purpose and with Aries this is the crimson fire burning through life with zest.

In personality, an Aries can be something of a firework, and is symbolic of the spark of life. Aries is also trailblazing forward in a direct, confrontational and personal style. The essence of the Arian is like listening to the birds chattering in the morning (often noisy!), but life is starting –  they are the morning dew, and similar to that post- apocalyptic song about the only man and woman standing – Aries is always glad to be alive with awakening eyes, fresh revelations and insights for weary hearts on the road of life. It is also believed the first and last thoughts of the day are the most important.

“Male or female, if my name were either Don or Dawn, I’d be up at sunrise to celebrate the glory that is me.”Jared Kintz