Pisces: A Multiflavored Ice-cream Cone that has Melted.

2476270A Pisces personality slides together like a multi-flavored ice-cream cone that has melted. The individual truly embraces all of the zodiac signs, uniquely embracing all twelve realities. A Piscean is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions revealing something deeply puzzling about the personality.  Here, we meet an individual with a soul that descends into the Atlantic, toing and froing in the oceanic pull  – torn between the depths of this watery mass and with mundane reality. The tides are also restless within as one fish drifts upstream and the other downstream, ever drifting on the currents of a restless heart; there really are no sense of boundaries in this hidden world.

There is a powerful draw to the universal and also to understanding, and this is encapsulated by such a beautiful ability as to be touched emotionally by mankind’s woes, and this means a Piscean is never really alone in life. As the tears fall down their face for the vulnerable, it’s as if the earth is receiving its much-needed water. The sadness builds up the deepest Water Well for the disenchanted and they could drown in deep melancholy. The soul feels like drops of heavy rain at times and senses deeply all the misty perceptions that are not always clear. Our tears are colorless, but we often imagine them as blue, and there is a letting go in such intense moments of crying, there is a healing which takes place as we ready ourselves for a new beginning promised in the following phase.

The tangled seaweeds of Piscean emotions lure us into unfathomable depths of confusion, but a Pisces is also entangled. The heart will reach out to ALL, no matter what class, religion, or race; the circle is complete in Pisces, and the sense of universality fulfilled. Others may mock that Pisces is all make-believe, fantasy, and poetry – laugh at their “trippy ways” and whatever artistic and free-flowing imagination they serve. At times, they love to paint the world in water colors and is averse to reality, being the most unworldly personality. Yet, they have the capacity to embrace everybody, drawing us into a world of illusion, and you know that everybody needs an escape from realism. A Piscean provides a home for our dreaming, and we can dream while both awake and asleep; they are the representation of all the yearnings inside of us.

Pisces is from another world, and is everything really what it seems? In one sense, this is the highest sign, and it is in the sign of the Fishes where we become aware of “out of body experiences”, dualistic states of consciousness, and mind altering perceptions. A Piscean can lead us into an imaginary land, where everything drifts together in unison. A Pisces will lift a weary heart like magic, through music, art, photography, dance, painting, and poetry.

Wander helplessly into the arms of Pisces and enter a night stroll into the unconscious world of the romantic idealist. The developmental goal of the sign will often have us colliding with the mystical world, and its meaning can be difficult to ground. Piscean paradise is hard to resist and they ask us to plunge into the deeper realms of the soul. While all along, hints of sensitivity, beauty and the next world glimmer in their eyes, it can be hard not to get lost forever in this misty mystic’s – timeless realm.


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