8 Pluto Meanings That Scare the Crap Out of You

pluto astrology

1. Pluto rules RESURRECTION and transports the mind to the film Pet Cemetery. They always come back worm-eaten, rotting, and awful, don’t they? In essence, they are no longer the same entity. Raising the dead is generally regarded to be something that no one should ever undertake, and this rule holds true regardless of how much a person/black cat is loved. It results in erroneous resurrections, such as when you employ witchcraft to resurrect an old relationship. It’s also possible that it’s why many Plutos turn into mean mojos when they’re treated badly and bring everyone down with them. They appear to have gathered some unearthly – underworld power – during their downtime and have returned to life. Yeah, resurrection supersedes; sometimes a comeback is all that matters, but sometimes the dead must stay dead. Pluto implicitly states that you cannot avoid death, therefore pay attention to the importance of expiration dates and everything will be alright.

2. PSYCHOANALYSIS, which I adore, is ruled by Pluto. Do you really want people rummaging through your mind to figure out why you’re so messed up? Do you want someone to bare your soul by excavating some of your most painful and private memories? If you go over everything again, you’ll discover the hidden reasons behind what’s really wrong with you. It’s uncomfortably uncomfortable, but it does seem to discharge all of your emotional baggage, leaving you feeling spiritually brand new and stuff. You’ll generally feel better about yourself after removing all the psychological sludge from your spirit, possibly even feeling more pristine. Still, you’ll accumulate more emotional junk or resurrect the past, necessitating a return to a shrink for profound wisdom. When someone knows why you’re really scared, the genuine reasons behind it, it’s a little scary. Psychology is extremely useful for dealing with the monsters in your head, but strolling around a junkyard or cemetery late at night and replaying all of the agony is never pleasant. Just talking about my personal scars throughout the years is a place I never want to go back to. Psychology, in the way it loves all of this Dark Night of the Soul crap, is a little spine-chilling.

3. Pluto is the deity of ALL BEGINNINGS and ENDINGS. That is to say, the door can close on you whenever it damn well pleases. There’s no other option. There are no do-overs. There’s no way to do it all over again. Nada. Zero. Zilch. It’s over when it’s truly over. Unfortunately, what has already been written, as well as all of that unsettling prophesy, fatalist, end-of-the-world stuff, cannot be undone.

4. Pluto is related to the DARK SIDE OF LIFE, akin to the feeling you get when you’re followed home every night by some strange person. It’s terrible to think that there are individuals out there who want to kill you. When it comes down to it, it represents your struggle for survival against an unknown foe, as well as your struggle to combat the darkness and destructiveness that lurks within YOU. It’s not pretty.

5. Pluto is UNFLINCHING. I mean, nothing scares this bloke. NOTHING. What is there to be concerned about when death is your domain? The dark parts of life roll off the back of this Hades guy, who lives in the underworld, like water off a duck’s back. I’m not sure if this gives me the creeps or if it’s just bloody awesome.

6. Pluto signifies the MOST POWERFUL ENERGY that mankind has ever known. You can self-destruct not only on a personal level and say, “Fuck it, I’m outta here for good,” but also on a larger scale. There was atomic power and huge destruction all surrounding Pluto’s discovery. When someone has a terrible day, it’s nice to know you’re powerless against being blown to smithereens. Actually, that is what is frightening, someone else’s destructive power, feeling powerless in the face of society’s ticking time bombs, once again #fightingforsurvival.

7. Pluto rules all of those things you FEAR and you seek to bury these feelings. There are some things I just won’t talk about.

8. You can be cleansed by fire in Pluto’s realm. BURNING IN HELL comes to mind. This, however, is what will allow you to cleanse all of the harmful stuff you’ve been holding onto for so long. You’re reminded that people are traditionally burned after death, and their ashes are scattered wherever they had a strong emotional connection in life. Although fiery transformations aid in the purification of all your sins, they can nonetheless give you Carrie White nightmares. Even though, on the plus side, after everything is burned, you can start afresh. Pluto, according to your astrology textbooks, is all “spiritual,” even if it feels terrifying to light a match to the past, burn bridges, and set fire to ex-boyfriends. It may, however, be the only thing that sets us free and allows us to soar like a phoenix rising from the ashes.