tumblr_neq6rcfuMq1u2eq44o1_1280Those with Virgo Rising approach life with a strong need to bring order to the external environment. Well mannered and polite, this individual may be perceived as nervous. Situations are dealt with cautiously, and only acting when there is sufficient knowledge of a situation.

The analyst is always present and Virgo can juggle several thousand details around at once, and sort out any mess you care to mention. Sometimes, they don’t participate much verbally and may enter a certain situation with the intent to analyze and critique what is happening. Virgo Rising usually projects sensitivity and shyness and unless they have the back-up of intellectual and professional skills it may be difficult for them to assert themselves in the right manner.

The unconscious side of the personality longs to let go and let feelings flow after a long hard day of work. In relationships, there may be worry and confusion in love matters, sometimes it involves a scandal or some other trouble. However, Virgo rising make faithful, skillful, and interesting partners,

This person is discriminate and views life through reason using an intellectual framework. The preferred mode of expression is utilizing a systematic way of working, sorting, sifting and editing. Unless something is done correctly and the right way, the individual is often far too self-critical. Virgo Rising approaches others with a keen sense of service and comes across as being kind, helpful, and useful.

Being modest in demeanor these people seek to improve situations and develop a positively efficient personality. Virgo Rising tends to comment on what’s flawed, unworkable, ’needs seeing to’ and in need of fixing. In fact, they like to sort things out, see to all of those little details and develop better working practices.

Often the first response to a situation is to analyze and break it down, and if there is a problem, Virgo seeks to find the solution. A person with ignificant points in this sign have a fluid and flexible approach. Driven to practice and to hone its skills in private and isolation, often this critical and orderly outlook, masks a fear of chaos and confusion.