Neptune in the 12th House

Since Neptune’s natural home is the 12th house, it is said to be its most sensitive place. Neptune gives you an extraordinary ability to feel the forces at work in your subconscious. There is a deep openness to society and an acute sensitivity to pain, loss, chaos, and being a victim. It’s possible that Neptune in this position will overwhelm the sense of ego, and when that happens, the floodgates will be flung wide open. Because of this, you could get the idea that there are no walls protecting you from the world around you. All of the thoughts and emotions that are conjured up by Neptune are taken from the collective unconscious, as the planet Neptune has no concept of borders. Imagine that a tap is left running throughout the night; this imagery represents the unending flow of the creative unconscious into which Neptune taps; however, it can also be interpreted as a giant wishing well that contains everyone’s hopes and dreams and has a profound connection to art, music, and poetry. With Neptune in the 12th house, you the unique ability to creatively manifest the collective unconscious through your work. Dali Salvador, an artist who has Neptune in this realm claims to have an imagination so vivid that he can recall scenes from inside the womb. Being born with Neptune here means that you are naturally “psychic,” in the sense that you have a high capacity for intuitive knowledge and understanding of the world around you even if you can’t explain how or why you have this ability. You care deeply for others around you and are very attuned to the underlying emotional undercurrents. Lost Descendants Being in Neptune’s own home brings you closer to a state of unity, fusion, compassion, and unending love. It’s an overwhelming yearning for one’s own energy to flow in tandem with the world’s most fundamental power source. If you have Neptune in the 12th, you are deeply spiritual and crave for a connection to your own inner source of strength. It’s possible that you may have problems identifying this feeling, and as a result, you may sink more and deeper into the abyss of your subconscious. Your ancestors impact stretches well beyond your own conscious remembrance and may be one of the many areas you may explore here, since the sheer enormity of this home transports you to many multiple spheres of life.
On the plus side, Neptune in the twelfth house contributes to a capacity to mirror everyone, but boundaries between the self and others can be very weak. There may be little to prevent the individual from plunging into all the suffering of the world…The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now)
Numerous “mediums” exist for communicating with Neptune, and doing so may result in the revelation of genuine mystical powers. You are profoundly interested in the mysterious and the afterlife. You may place a high value on religious practises and anything else that helps you connect with your inspiration. If you become disturbed frequently, it may be a sign that you want to flee from the realities of life. When things get too much to bear, you have a natural inclination to retreat from the world and spend the remainder of your days in seclusion, far from the chaos you’ve escaped. Other Neptune alternatives, like as alcohol, drugs, or any other sort of escapism-related activity, may also be sought. Neptune in the 12th house is often interpreted as a possible sign of schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. If Neptune is in the 12th house you must be able to provide for yourself and carve out a living, as well as learn to cope with the mundane aspects of life that are often neglected in favour of seclusion. Institutions like shelters for the homeless, homes for abused children, and state penitentiaries are all associated with the last house of the wheel of life. You feel deeply for those who have been marginalised by society, and as a result, you are typically drawn to careers in healthcare and other helping professions in an effort to make others feel less alone. A Flowing Vessel The 12th house feels spooky and haunted, and being there makes you feel like you’re taking a series of steps back in time. In this position, Neptune’s role could be compared to that of a kind of middleman for long-lost ancestors or a flowing vessel for everyone’s grief, anguish, sacrifice, and unfulfilled hopes. At this point, it’s important to remember that this is the house of undoing one’s own work, and planets in this house run the risk of being the scapegoat or the victim when extended family members are involved. There could be a history of mental illness, drug abuse, alcoholism, and/or emotional problems in the family. With Neptune in this realm, you might feel like you are being picked on and made to feel like you are the “troubled” family member who is to blame for everything. It’s possible that the family has a long history of mental illnesses, being mistreated, or having dreams that never came true. The concept of martyrdom encompasses victimisation, self-imposed seclusion, guilt, sacrifice, and pointless suffering. The 12th house represents many different things, such as the subconscious, spirituality, religion, mental health, and organizations. Inner alienation is common, and it has been suggested that helping others is the best way to combat feelings of persecution and overwhelming guilt about one’s own life. This is a cliche, yet it ultimately holds true. There are enormous spiritual benefits to be made from this labour, so find an outlet for this sadness and try not to let too much sorrow overpower your personality. It may be helpful to seek guidance from a higher power. But maintaining a steady link with the “divine” could hamper your ability to function in the material world. In some cases, you are given the ability to communicate with the afterlife and the spiritual world. Inevitably, the chasm separating our world from the next will blur over time. The 12th house, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, is linked to the search for absolutes; nevertheless, in the case of the watery deity, it is the abode of emotional and eternal bliss and perfection. With Neptune in the 12th house, you can deepen your connection to the divine, and any latent or repressed sensitivities will eventually surface in full bloom as you mature.