Mercury in Aquarius

1258735An individual with Mercury in Aquarius understands life through abstract thought, futuristic thinking, and ideal concepts. This person can grasp ideas quickly, and is interested in anything new, different and progressive. Mental objectivity and detachment of mind can inadvertently alienate others. Still, ideas burst through like light, and this is the position of the astrologer, astronomer, electrician or scientist.

The mind thinks in new wavelengths, but they may have trouble grounding their ideas in practical form. Mercury here perceives the future, and their concepts are out of the ordinary. Aquarius cares about the rights of others, free-speech, and fairness. They are interested in humanitarian pursuits and enjoy sharing their ideas with others. Mercury in Aquarius likes to talk about ideals and impersonal subjects, and they enjoy airing their views.

The truth is important. The type will view things from an unbiased and objective perspective. There is general open-mindedness, but once the mind is made up, it rarely changes. Aquarius has less concern for socially accepted ideas and has the ability to see things in broad terms. Sometimes there is real mathematical ability with this placement, and intuitive understanding of universal patterns. The individual has an original turn of mind, and the intellect is clear and free of emotional judgement.

Mercury in Aquarius symbolizes the circulation of ideas and providing information to the public. His or her thinking is likely to be community-orientated, democratic, group-conscious, idealistic, impartial, and impersonal. He or she may be fascinated by inventions, originality and technology. He or she is likely to have an awareness of the unity that underlies the world and even the universe. Cosmopsychology: The Psychology of Humans as Spiritual Beings


Mercury in this position can deal with clinical facts and figures, but the blind spot could be in not seeing the emotional slant on any given situation. This individual resists conforming to conventional opinions, and will freely expose themselves to new and stimulating ideas. Mercury in Aquarius can envision an ideal world or society, and since it is also Saturn ruled it is concerned with structures and social dynamics.

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