Gemini is the most Mercurial sign of the zodiac. While all of us are made up of many selves masquerading as one person. Gemini is the epitome of the split personality, bright, communicative, and sociable one minute, distracted and offhand the next. That is not to say that all Geminis are Jekyll and Hyde’s, but this sign embodies the duality of human nature better than most. Gemini must learn to bridge the opposites within – light and dark, intuition and reason, mind and emotions, spiritual and material.

In Medieval astrology, Gemini was symbolic of both the divine and the mortal, described as the dual principle of the “Heavenly Twin.” For the magician this represents the alchemy of opposites with the self. In a spiritual sense, it is the merging of the self and the world. The Secret of the Tarot: How the Story of the Cathars Was Concealed in the Tarot of Marseilles

Geminis are learning to ‘develop’ their powers of intellectual discrimination so that they can learn more about the world which surrounds them. The purpose of Gemini is to gather information and swap ideas, to be where the action is, they are the communicators of the zodiac. The first sign of the wheel to represent social dialogue, and so this sign keeps the world and society in touch with each other, and with what is happening. Gemini is also a free spirit and needs an ever-changing environment to keep them mentally alive.

Gemini is the first of the multiple signs of the zodiac, and this makes them the most adaptable and versatile. Geminis enjoy the contrasts and contradictions in life that provide us with different ways to look at anything. The sign is seen by others as the eternal child, they have lots of movement, curiosity, versatility with an endless questioning mind, there is too much to know and too much to talk about. Mental and communicative faculties are well-developed, and they love to engage in dialogue, to debate and argue. Many Geminis are known to have the gift of the gab and they are sometimes fast talkers, and prone to verbal trickery.

Gemini is an intellectual sign, experimenting with ideas, analyzing data, systematizing information and drawing conclusions. There is an imperative to reason through every thought and experience, which then must be communicated to those in their immediate environment. Perpetually shifting from one perspective to another, at each stage rationalizing that position before switching to the next.

Gemini is the sign of the writer, teacher, traveler and graphic artist, as long as they have plenty of scope in daily life to take in the information and pass it on. Gemini has an excellent memory, with delightful wit, but on the flip side of this, they can tie themselves up in mental knots, and can talk and rationalize themselves into anything they want to believe. Geminis sometimes have some trouble sustaining intimate relationships. Emotions are processed through the intellect and remain unexpressed until there is a logical framework through which to understand them. Often the individual is flirtatious, and they demand personal freedom, resenting anyone who tries to pin them down.