Songs of the Zodiac: Cancer

Cancer, influenced by the Moon, reveals itself in your personality through cyclical and fluctuating moods. The lunar side of you is morbidly sensitive, but you can be easily bruised by life and will often succumb to your insecurities. Remember that in Cancer, you must have time alone in privacy to withdraw from life. Being born under this defensive and self-protective sign, you wear a hard shell. Beyond these defenses, though, is a rich inner life and you have a very fertile imagination, powerful intuition, and deep maternal love.

The home life is an important aspect of your overall life, but sometimes there is an overly possessive nature and a difficulty in letting go of the past. There’s a deep vulnerability to life, fear of loneliness, and, perhaps most of all, a need to be needed. The world of emotions, family, and place of birth, help keep continuity with everything that has passed in your world. Instinctively you take care of others and need close, emotional bonds in order to feel safe. It is difficult for you to get away from “the womb of the past.” Preserving things with sentimental value is extremely comforting to you. When feeling insecure, needy, and lonely, you like to reflect back to more comforting times.

The Chaldean astrologers called Cancer ‘the gate of men’ and had a tradition that this was the region of the stars through which, when humans were born, the spirit about to be incarnated must descend from heaven to earth to animate new bodies. Cancer is the sign of the summer solstice, from which it will be nine months before Aries (beginning of the Zodiac) comes around again and, for this reason, is regarded as a symbol of fecundation and conception.

The crab, overall, has great sensitivity,  tenacity, and respect for the past. In other words, you never forget those that have touched you emotionally. When feeling afraid or insecure and in need of support and reassurance, you do look to others for protection. In turn, you also nurture and love others, especially those in need.

Cancer Songs:

1. I Bruise Easily (Natasha Bedingfield)
3. Make Me Cry (Cheryl Cole)
5. Yesterday (Leona Lewis)
6. Looking In (Mariah Carey
7. Defender (Gabriella Cilmi)
8. Oh Mother (Christina Aguilera)
9. Scared of Lonely (Beyonce)
10. Forget Me Not (Lucie Silvas)
11. Moodswings (Charlotte Church)
12. Crybaby (Mariah Carey)
13. I Need You Now (Agnes)
14. Reflections Are Protection  (La Roux)