Sun in the 3rd House

A person with the Sun in the 3rd house shines in learning environments. A sense of purpose and destiny involves writing, communication or social interchange; the central theme of development will be in the cultivation of the intellect.

The person is longing for movement both in the physical and mental sense of the word and usually, there is a strong curiosity and powerful urge to learn. Complete fulfillment is found through mental interests and the accumulation of knowledge. The Sun here is usually an excellent placement for teachers, publishers, advertisers, or any other area that involves illuminating information. The 3rd house describes what we think about and rules all forms of communication, travel, speech, thought, letters, e-mail, and phone.

Traditionally, this realm rules our early education and environment, short journeys, siblings, and neighbors. The Sun in the third house finds these areas important and discovers joy and purpose through developing language skills, proficiency in interpretation, and sharing knowledge. A sibling may also have been important in their life. The person’s school life is highlighted for some reason. A job could even involve driving, traveling short distances, social media, or networking.

Those with Sun in the 3rd need to feel heard and be noticed in the immediate environment. Consequently, rivalry with siblings and competitiveness among peers could be issues worth investigating. Some may project their own need for power and authority onto a brother or sister. Or knowledge itself is worshipped like the Sun. Difficult aspects to the Sun could indicate problems with early schooling. No matter how clever or articulate the 3rd house Sun appears to others, those with this placement normally feels that they could still know more or communicate better. The Twelve Houses