Neptune in Pisces: The End Times

The Astrological Neptune and Quest for Redemption by Liz Greene covers the Great Flood myths that color our view of the cycle of life, and are particularly interesting. These are clearly evidenced throughout history in the ongoing sagas around Apocalypse day, Judgement Day and End of the World predictions. The Neptune symbolism of the slate being wiped clean and starting again is a common metaphor for everything in life that we wish to heal, cleanse and atone. Take the alcoholic anonymous groups and the twelve step program which supports the belief that a greater power than the self is an essential part of recovery. Case studies on the afterlife have reported that we face a kind of judgment of the Self when a soul reviews its lifetime. Our twilight years are viewed as a time when we are more reflective and it is seen as a winding down period as the completion of a lifetime nears the end of its cycle and reaches Pisces. We clean out the psychological closet, so to speak.

American T.V Evangelist Jim Bakker has written a book on the ‘coming’ apocalypse. The preacher has Pisces rising with Mars in Pisces conjunct Jupiter opposite Neptune. Mercury is in Sagittarius in a tight square with Neptune. Jim’s mutable T-square involving Mercury-Mars-Jupiter and Neptune is probably a large indicator of the deception and fraud that landed him in prison. Neptune is prone to being indirect, deceptive and this highly religious individual siphoned 3.4 million from his ministry. Apart from his nebulous behavior, he very much believed in these end days. Jupiter needs a sense of meaning in life and with Neptune, it needs to yearn to merge once again with that unseen force. Musician Oliver Messiaen created a piece of music which he felt captured the moment of the end of the world in all its terrifying and heavenly manifestations. The music had its premiere in front of 5,000 prisoners. I guess in some way it was an appropriate audience. The 12th house (Neptune) rules institutions, places of exile, and solitary confinement, and no one awaits judgment day more than those who are guilty of crimes. Messiaen had Moon conjunct Neptune in Cancer and Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius square Jupiter.

The 2012 speculation of the world coming to an end could be insanely heightened due to Neptune’s transition into Pisces. Neptune enters Pisces at the beginning of April 2011, and in August of that year, it retrogrades back into Aquarius. It re-enters Pisces in February 2012. This may indicate a more fervent interest in the afterlife, judgement day and ‘spiritualism. Perhaps people will be swept away by a new spiritual wave of some kind. I believe we may be entering the end of a cycle and sense a kind of collective sense and a general feeling of cleansing, cleaning out the closet, and washing away our sins and redemption will probably be in evidence. The onslaught of predictions for the End of the World is looming large due to the upcoming Neptune in Pisces transition and collective feeling of being deluged by the Great Flood.