Too Close for Comfort

The dynamics of this uncomfortable confrontation in the film Closer relates to Scorpio, Pluto, and 8th house planets. Pluto brings to the surface much darker emotions and forces us to look at the reality of how we relate. After leaving the sign of Libra with all its pleasantness, politeness, and compromise, we reach a stage of intimacy in Scorpio and we want the truth no matter how dirty, sordid and ugly. Scorpio also possesses a deadly sting in its tail, and we talk about irrevocable change when describing this sign, so if we do or even say something vindictive just to hurt our partner, there is no way that we can ever take it back. With this in mind, we have to be careful we don’t give our relationships the kiss of death. Still, in Scorpio land you give back as good you get, for it’s the only way to survive. One of the stars in the movie, Julia Roberts, has the Sun in Scorpio with Venus conjunct Pluto and so her films do tend to have powerful themes around relationships. With Scorpio, how close is too close?