Mars in Sagittarius

mars in sagittarius
Those born with Mars in Sagittarius express their will and desire in an enthusiastic and impulsive way. Mars in Sagittarius tends to be direct about everything. However, their many interests and projects, tend to flow into different areas, and difficulties may be experienced in situations that require discipline, patience, and attention to the practical details. Although they are the least focused in their energy of all the fire signs, they have the largest perspective on life.

Mars in Sagittarius is motivated by their ideals, and work best when allowed physical, mental and spiritual freedom. They have strong religious and philosophical convictions, and have intense feelings about morality. Mars in Sagittarius is the crusader of its personal beliefs, and they will actively defend their ideas and ideals. The individual will also act on their beliefs. Mars here can be a leader in law, religion, and teaching, and have the desire of bringing knowledge to others. Mars in Sagittarius is motivated to discover the truth, and they want to do something with their understanding. An active interest in higher subjects and passion in education is common with this placement.

Mars here is physically energetic, and they are extremely restless and hate sitting still for very long. Mars placed in the fiery sign of Sagittarius may have a volatile temper, and act self-righteous when they feel frustrated. Mars in Sagittarius is like a wild bushfire, and their anger can spread pretty fast. Although Mars here can give enthusiasm and spark to more introverted charts, they also don’t like limits imposed on personal freedom and pleasure. Sagittarius is roused to anger by injustice and will fight for a good cause.

Mars in Sagittarius will not refract until they have made their point, and is fond of debating; especially when they think something is wrong! They can be frank, candid and even blunt. If Mars is challenged in the chart there could be quarrelsome, and there is also a danger of accidents, through a careless and reckless nature. It may simply be because they have their sights set on the far distance that they don’t always look at what is in front of them.

These people strongly defend their beliefs, and are ever hopeful against all odds, and they inspire others to courage and expansion. Mars in Sagittarius needs a quest, vision, and a sense of purpose. They are aspiring people, open and generous. Mars in Sagittarius is adaptable and changeable in their enthusiasm, and can happily indulge in many activities at the same time. They love to explore and are always seeking adventure and excitement to spice up their lives. They have a need for constant variety, stimulation and movement.

Mars in Sagittarius needs honesty, friendship and fun in an intimate relationship. Someone with a good sense of humour is a must. They enjoy sharing adventures and involving themselves in exciting and sometimes heated philosophical discussion. This expansive Mars often drives people into sales, lawyers, travel, teaching, or philosophy. There may be a love of sports and outdoor activities; they could also be interested in working with animals. They also do better as freelancers, and they have lots of enthusiasm for new projects.