The Saturn Factor

tumblr_n4fln1gCCJ1sqwh2mo1_500The critics and judges in life that we try ever so hard to please, darn. We can see that in every Judging panel there is always a harsh judge, and they are often the hardest to please. The kind of judge that doesn’t try to be “nice” and wants to give a “real” critique. We find this kind of astrological judge in our own chart – Saturn.

Saturn fills us with fear, dread, inadequacy, failure, doubt, uncertainty and insecurity, and unless we get daddy Saturn’s approval we feel less than, disappointed, and a letdown.

Saturn is called a teacher in astrology, but he is not the “fun” teacher like Jupiter. Saturn is a misery guts, hard task master, and doesn’t give praise easily. Saturn is a fair judge and we often get what we deserve. We really have to put a lot of hard work into something, especially where Saturn is situated on the birth chart and the results will eventually be rewarded. Saturn is the teacher we all fear and dread, but in the end, he may be the teacher who really made us pull our socks up.

Saturn does not treat us like a baby and expects us to take the criticism on board, improving on our failures. Everyone feels the heavy hand of Saturn at some point or another, and wherever Saturn is placed in the birth chart, it represents one of our biggest exams in life. We are afraid that we just don’t make the grade, and Saturn’s location in our birth chart describes where we feel inferior, lesser and lower. We don’t receive anything for free in this house and have to build it from scratch, but it is Saturn who teaches us tough lessons in self-sufficiency.

Saturn represents our need to develop into self-sufficient adults, and this may involve handling some necessary criticism. Rather than acting like frightened children looking for someone to help us, it is Saturn that forces us to show the world what we are made of. We will have many failures, make mistakes and feel humiliated, but the key point of this lesson is that we have to master Saturn’s sign and house placement alone, without any external support.

Integral to this reaping and sowing of Karma is the process of Maturation as, through the agency of Time, you deal with the material, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges that Life presents you with, just as Gravity bears down upon all who live on Earth. Maturation is effectively the gaining of Objectivity concerning life issues, so that you are no longer prey to subjective and childlike responses that cause you to overreact or feel overwhelmed or Depressed by the pressures of existence. Objectivity allays self-pity, the inclination to which derives from the paralysing sense of futility that you first felt when you realized, but ignored, the fact that you were serving the wrong master, the system. And the system willfully inhibits Maturation when it makes excessive provision of welfare. Divine Astrology: The Cosmic Religion: Enlisting the Aid of the Planetary Powers (Set)

If we look back on our childhood we will probably remember issues around our Saturn as it is the area where we did not receive the support, praise or encouragement from our parents. Maybe we just feel that our life has always lacked what other people take for granted in this sphere. Imagine if everything we created was always praised, celebrated, and applauded, after a while we would become complacent and wouldn’t try any harder to improve ourselves.

Saturn Astrology – Harshly Judged

No more living in fear

Saturn represents the part of us that is always seeking approval and the place we feel we are harshly judged. Yet, Saturn also rules the responsibility we have to ourselves to improve. We may wail about our Saturn on a daily basis, but we learn to conform. Where Saturn in placed in the horoscope, there is gold to be found, and sometimes we have to reach our pain threshold. Our lives will get better once we decide we cannot live anymore with the anxiety, paralysis and fear.

Astrologically Saturn takes two and a half years to move through a sign; so many people close to our age will have the same Saturn sign. However, we all have Saturn in a different house and forming aspects to other planets in our birth chart. The Saturn judge will always continue to be feared and revered, no matter how much we have achieved in that area of life, but we can learn to own our fear.

In psychological astrology, Saturn is the shadowed part of ourselves, all those parts that we stuffed away in childhood because they were never approved by authority figures in early life. The sternest, strictest, harshest and firmest teacher is the one whose opinion we respect the most. This is usually because their praise doesn’t come easily, and this goes for our own self-opinion and how we feel we are doing in Saturn’s house. All we can do is learn from our experiences, take stock, and keep trying. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. We can work towards our freedom through self-determination, and this makes the struggle worthwhile.