Planets in Signs

The term ‘planet’ derives from Greek and means ‘the wanderer.’ The name zodiac comes from a Greek phrase that translates into “circle of animals.” The planets travel at varying rates across the various constellations or zodiac signs. The Sun takes a year to go across the zodiac, the Moon takes about a month, and Pluto takes 248 years. The planets in your horoscope reflect “activity” in your birth chart, while the signs represent “how” the planet acts. The houses represent “where” certain elements of your life will take place. The twelve signs refer to the fundamental personality types on a psychological level. Each of us is born under a specific sign of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, and we all see the world differently and approach it with our own set of beliefs (Jupiter), values (Venus), and sense of self (Sun).

Throughout the zodiac, the planets are evenly divided throughout the twelve signs of the zodiac. When interpreting a planet in a specific sign, astrologers take into account the planet’s behaviour as well as the characteristics of the sign in question. The symbols and meanings of the ten planets, as well as the twelve astrological signs, depict the manner in which planetary energy is manifested on the earth. Because of this, planets in Aries express themselves in a confident, independent, and definitive manner. Aries expresses itself rapidly and competitively, and it is always on the lookout for anything new and interesting. Aries enjoys getting things started, but the sign is not always interested in seeing them through to completion. Any planet that happens to be in this sign will display some of these qualities. Having Venus in Aries, for example, and since Venus governs attraction, values, love, and beauty, possessing Venus in Aries may indicate that you are attracted to new and exciting items to buy, that you are going to rush into love, and that you value your independence while also finding bold and assertive qualities in another person to be extremely appealing.

Another example is that planets in Pisces express themselves in ways that are sensitive, fluid, changeable, and self-sacrificing. Communication, intellectualism, restlessness, and social behaviour are all shown by planets in the sign of Gemini. Some signs on your chart will have no planetary energy at all, but other signs will have stelliums in plenty. If there is a stellium (a gathering of planets) in a certain sign, you will be very attuned to that particular sign, and the characteristics of that sign will be highlighted and amplified. A stellium in Capricorn indicates someone who needs to be in power and who is concerned with their social standing, career advancement, social opinion, and respect. When people are participating in a group or organisation, they typically desire to be viewed as a leader in that group or organisation. Those born with a stellium of planets in Scorpio are passionate, concentrated, and motivated individuals who desire to transform their lives and make a difference in the lives of others.

The number of possible readings is limitless, yet this is how astrologers arrive at their conclusions. Our adaptation to our environment, our method of perceiving life, and our fundamental mode of action are all represented by planets in signs, and we may judge how each sign’s “colour” affects the planets in its own way.