Planets in Signs

The word ‘planet’ comes from the Greek language and means ‘the wanderer.’ The word zodiac is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘circle of animals’. The planets move through the different constellations or signs of the zodiac at quite different speeds. The Sun moves through the entire zodiac in one year, and the Moon in approximately one month while Pluto takes 248 years. The planets in the horoscope represent the “action” in the birth chart and the signs signify “how” the planet acts. The houses show “where” the various aspects of our life will unfold. On a psychological level, the twelve signs refer to the basic personality types. Each person is born with a specific Sun sign, Moon sign, and Mercury sign, and we all perceive the world differently and approach it with our own particular set of beliefs (Jupiter) values (Venus) and sense of self (Sun).

The Planets are distributed among the twelve signs of the zodiac. Astrologers when interpreting a planet in a particular sign combine the action of the planet with the nature of the sign. The symbols and meanings of the ten planets and the twelve astrological signs describe how the planetary energy is being expressed. Therefore, planets in Aries express themselves assertively, independently, and decisively. Aries expresses itself quickly, competitively, and seeks what is new and exciting. Aries likes to start things, but the sign is not always interested in finishing them. Any planet in this sign will exhibit some of these characteristics. As an example, if you have Venus in Aries, and since Venus rules attraction, values, love, and beauty, having Venus in the sign of Aries may signify that you’re attracted to what is new and exciting, rushing quickly into love, and you’ll value your independence while also finding bold and assertive qualities in another person very attractive.

To give another example, planets in Pisces express themselves in sensitive, fluid, changeable and sacrificing ways. Planets in Gemini express themselves in communicative, intellectual, restless and social ways. Some signs will contain no planetary energy at all whilst other signs contain stelliums. If there is a stellium (grouping) of planets in one sign the person will resonate to that particular sign extremely strongly, and the qualities of that sign will be emphasized and exaggerated. A stellium in Capricorn shows someone who needs to be in authority, and who cares about status, climbing the ladder, social opinion, and respect. If they are involved in a group or organization they usually want to be seen as a leader. If there is a stellium of planets in Scorpio then the person will be very intense, focused, driven, and they’ll want to transform and change life.

The meanings are endless, but this is how astrologers arrive at their interpretations. Planets in signs signify how we adapt to our surroundings, how we perceive life and our basic mode of action, and so we can assess how the signs “colour” the planets in their own specific way.