The Best Way to Learn Astrology

Having been involved with all the different mediums new students approach when first learning astrology, and experiencing the pros and cons of each I feel able to offer a little bit of advice. To begin, astrology forums, although they are fun and interactive, they are not really the best place to gain knowledge on the subject. There are far too many different points of view, long drawn out debates with different branches of astrology and irrelevant chat. I first began in a forum and always enjoyed communicating my ideas. I was a forum moderator, and was keen on participating on the boards, but generally it’s not the best place for learning astrology.

Astrology Rating: 2/10

Blogs are a happy medium and more focused on the subject at hand. Most blogs have an individual writer with their own style and direction probably highly influenced by their own natal chart. It’s a good bet that you will probably find one or a few that you enjoy reading. The best thing about blogs is that they are free, and usually kept up-to-date. Astrology blogs and are like web-zines that are filled with content daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the writer. The negatives are there isn’t always a lot of in-depth interpretation or readings. Astrological websites fall into same category, but are usually less personal and more structured, and many tend to have considerably less content than blogs. If you have visited a professional astrologer’s website there are usually two or three articles on the whole site. Working, professional astrologers/writers probably don’t have the time to create content for their website.

Astrology Rating: 6/10 

Books are the number one way to learn astrology, and you should purchase a good number rather than buy lessons online from the web. It is probably best to do a search of recommended astrological books so that you don’t buy ones that aren’t that useful. The type of books out there are plentiful and it depends on the type of astrology that you want to learn. It could be a more practical, spiritual or psychological approach, or perhaps it is a bit of everything. I would also say that Observation is another great way to practice astrology, and keep a record of what happens. Many astrologers recommend the use of following transits to the natal chart as the fastest way to understand astrology. Memorization of astrological interpretations can be difficult, so keep notes of the most important things you want to remember. Usually mere memorization of what a configuration means teaches you little. When you put astrology into action and see it working in the lives of others, this is when you really begin to learn the subject, but it doesn’t mean you suddenly turn into an astrology professor. The best way is usually learning first hand.

Astrology Rating: 10/10

Applying astrology to daily events and large ones and reading as many charts as possible is a good way to tackle the subject. You need to memorize the astrological glyphs for the signs and planets and basic keywords, and the same goes for remembering the general meaning of the houses. It also makes it easier to read astrology books, blogs and websites. Once you know the basic keywords of astrology you really do see astrology come alive everywhere. Astrology is like a foreign language, but it is also universal and is open for everybody to learn. Astrology is built up from symbolism and no matter what country or language of the student; we can recognize these same symbols and know its meaning. All astrologers have a common language and common knowledge. Astrology uses endless personality insights that can be interpreted time and time again.

Astrology is a life-long study and the more you learn about astrology the more you learn about yourself. I like astrology because I find human behaviour absorbing, and self-discovery is a life-long journey.

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