Let’s be honest, the astrological significance of Scorpio, the eighth house, and Pluto is tinged with witchcraft. All too often, the themes in question include a descent into the depths of hell followed by a miraculous metamorphosis and, perhaps, a second chance at life. First of all, Plutonians have the mesmerising powers of black magicians. The  natal chart is loaded with great potentials because of the heavy descriptions, metaphors, and symbols allotted to the sign house, and planet. Furthermore, many Plutonians want some type of artistic outlet in order to process and make sense of their most DISTURBING, EMOTIONAL experiences. Dark arts, hypnotic control, psychic attack, voodoo, and black magic are all linked to Scorpio, the 8th house, and Pluto, indicating a propensity towards psychic and controlling inclinations.

Plutonians have an innate ability to hypnotise, penetrate, and magnetically attract others; those who resist succumb to Pluto’s dark allure. Are Pluto people truly capable of a unique brand of witchcraft and a web of magic that few others can match? Scorpios are fascinating creatures, but if you cross one they may shower you with ill will. A Plutonnian’s cold demeanour belies a dark and sinister imagination where horrific vengeance is always being plotted. Plutonians are the type of people who will practically challenge you to cross them, all the while sending out voodoo psychic warnings that you will definitely pay the price for it.

According to psychological astrology, the 8th house, in particular, and Pluto are significators of “The Family Curse,” which includes trauma, death, crisis, and general bad luck. In what ways may we account for the fact that some families seem to be particularly vulnerable to unfortunate events? That “fate” which causes tragic partings, fatalities, and the annihilation of all that is valuable in one’s life. Many divorces within a family’s history are seen as an indication of unfavorable fortune, and the Kennedy curse inspired much discussion over whether or not certain families innately have a propensity to attract tragedy. One of Pluto’s tasks in a person’s life may be to help them break a destructive pattern, eliminate any lingering effects from the past, or overcome a painful family history. The negative cycle of abuse, violence, or substance or alcohol misuse is sometimes handed down through family members like an unpleasant odour, and the family curse is referred to as a bondage from one generation to the next.

According to astrologer Linda Goodman, people born under the sign of Scorpio (which Pluto rules) are the unwitting victims of their own dark magic.Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs :

With them supreme self-sacrifice becomes neurotic concerns about the self, and psychic abilities become fearful apprehensions of the lurking evils which may strike you at any moment. The rituals of black magic reflected the individuals desire to control universal forces larger than himself. By learning and uniting the specific methods, techniques and rituals of black magic, this individual effected a transformation of his egocentric desire: Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library)

How we define black magic determines whether or not we think of it as a sort of psychic control, but that’s just one of many possible interpretations. With a stellium of planets in the 8th house, James Van Praagh is well-known as a medium who can contact the dead. Is Praagh involved in dark arts and able to wield occult power?

If the forces of Scorpio are frustrated, the way to success is barred, there is usually a recourse to cunning, duplicity, secretiveness and treachery, if for no other reason than that the expression of influence and the attainment of ones rights is an absolute necessity, without which there is always, as is obvious the tendency toward envy, malice, revenge, which have been such active motives in past times, when so many people suffered abominably from misuse of power. Black magic or witchcraft belongs here, while I do not mean to go into the question as to how much truth there may be in the possibility of hurting or destroying others by such sinister means, except to remark that we know little about the “project magnetism” or individuals, it is true that witchcraft was assigned as the cause of many misfortunes whose origins was totally misunderstood. That people do sometimes affect one another to an extraordinary degree is indisputable, as, for instance, in the case of love or hatred. Zodiac: A Life Epitome