Astrology: Stalking and the Pluto Effect – Part 1

e73deb7e94e443b3f6395fadfb35e913Stalking captures the obsessive and murderous thoughts of Othello; this dark and compelling aspect of human beings has affected thousands of individuals. It is believed that the primary motivation for stalking is not sexual, and victims of stalking suffer from trauma and often feel that some aspect of their life is taken away. The behaviour of the stalker tends to be intrusive, and they often use threats as a form of control; try to coerce their victims into doing what they want, or try to seduce them by forceful persuasion, and this powerful cocktail of behaviours is best summarized by the planet Pluto.

Most cases of stalking that I have examined often involve strong Pluto aspects, and this should come as no surprise. Pluto rules obsessions, compulsions, and fixation, as it is a fixed planet it signifies an uneasy kind of fascination, interest and attraction. However, psychologists have observed that these obsessions that have formed give the stalker the will to live and there is a link to creating intimacy with the object of their desire. Pluto is the planet that has the most difficulty “letting go”. Once an individual has become possessed by a thought, emotion, and feeling there is a struggle to let go of it. Pluto is placed in the charts of both the victims and the stalkers, and so there may be a pattern similar in these charts.

Take Moon-Pluto aspects, they have often been noted to signify an over-possessive mother, and one who may find it the most difficult to let go of her offspring, and, in the end, devours them. Of course, this is the most extreme and dramatic portrayal of such an aspect, but she may be overprotective and unwilling to let go. The same aspect has been observed in a woman’s chart in the case of domestic (Moon) abuse (Pluto) who was the victim of a relentless stalker under this aspect. Furthermore, With Pluto aspects if one hasn’t had enough of something they cannot let it go lightly. The Plutonian will not take a superficial bite to satisfy their appetite, they want everything, body, mind, heart and soul.

When Pluto moves in, you can expect at least a few episodes of trashy-novel drama. Going steady with Pluto is like is like hooking up with a midnight charmer who turns into a creepy stalker at sunrise. You can escape a repeat performance, but you have to be willing to take a hard look at what you did to get yourself into the situation in the first place. Harness Astrology’s Bad Boy: A Handbook for Conquering Pluto’s Tumultuous Transit

In a normal, mutual relationship a Plutonian aspect is present in partnerships that are full of depth, commitment and intense emotions. However, in a difficult relationship there is an all or nothing approach, summing up all of their emotional depths. With Pluto, there seems to be no limit to which he will stop. Pluto is also a place in our souls where we are unable to forgive life’s awfulness, destructiveness, and horribleness. Pluto strips everything down, takes away all of our pretences, likability, and reveals the rawer stuff that we are made of underneath. It also reveals our more destructive feelings lurking below the surface, and ones that we would rather remain hidden.

Plutonian people often have a lot of buried rage and pain, and even under Pluto transits, we may all shout that “enough is enough”.  Plutonians  have a powerful gut reaction to everything that happens. Pluto rules over the sign of Scorpio and the 8th house and these types of individuals have deeply embedded feelings, which can cause a volcano-like eruption. Consumed by fiery passions; they are learning to let go but have difficulty rising above feelings of hostility, revenge, and damaging emotions.

After searching through some cases of women who have been stalked, all of these women were murdered, and I didn’t want the examples to be this extreme. I needed more general cases, but usually, when a stalker is violent they aim their intent towards the victim or a person who they perceive is interfering with his access to the object of their affection. The power to control and take away/take over someone’s life is another aspect of Pluto’s domination. In the next post, I will explore the charts of women stalked and reveal what aspect is most prevalent at the time that she was at her most vulnerable.