Astrology: Stalking and the Pluto Effect – Part 2

e73deb7e94e443b3f6395fadfb35e913After examining the charts of women that were stalked by their partner, one of the things observed was the length of time between a break-up and violent attack and that for some it was an immediate threat and for others it happened a year after a separation. Stalkers don’t let go easily of their feelings and are still emotionally, deeply aggrieved and injured, even after splitting up. Below are some astrological examples of women who were stalked and eventually killed by their lover. A pattern is running through the charts, and at the time these women were most at risk from stalking from a partner, transiting Pluto formed an aspect to the natal Sun (rules the men in our lives).

When Pluto transits the fifth house, enters the sign Leo, or aspects the Sun, you could have an obsessive love affair that controls your life. There could be radical changes with children, particularly the first born child, or your life could be dramatically transformed because of the birth of a child. There could be an obsession with creative projects, such as a book or artistic conception. Your self-image and self-perception will undergo a change. You may be drawn into power struggles or have control issues with a man. After the transit, a new and better sense of your personal power will have been defined as well as a new, more confident sense of identity. By Carol Rushman –Predictive Astrology

Victims of Stalking

  1. Rachel Miller was stalked and battered by her first husband; she had Sun opposite Neptune natally, along with Mars square Uranus/Pluto (this is often indicative of an unpredictable and violent configuration). At the time of her murder transiting Pluto formed an opposition to her natal Sun, and transiting Neptune trined her Sun.
  2. Heather Lynne was stalked, beaten, and stabbed to death by an ex- boyfriend 9 months after ending their relationship. Heather had a stellium in Taurus and a Sun/Mercury conjunction in trine to Pluto. Mars is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus (a violent configuration). Heather was murdered when transiting Pluto was opposite her Sun and forming a trine to natal Mars. In addition, transiting Neptune trined her sun.
  3. Melissa Lonan was Kidnapped and shot to death by her estranged boyfriend and father of their children when she tried to end their relationship. Heather had Mercury trine Pluto natally, and the Sun and Mars are placed in Taurus. Mars is opposite Uranus. At the time she was killed, transiting Pluto was again in opposition to the Sun and transiting Neptune trined the Sun and Venus.
  4. Wylea Smith was stalked and murdered by her ex-husband. Natally Venus is square Neptune, and Mars forms two exact inconjunct aspects to Uranus and Pluto. Saturn is also opposite Pluto. For a period of time Neptune had been in a square over her natal Sun and Mars, but at the time of the murder, Uranus was square Mars, and transiting Pluto was trine Mercury and Saturn.
  5. Tammy Gail Morris was stalked and shot to death by the husband she was divorcing. His statement at the time of his arrest: “If I can’t have her, no one is going to.” Tammy had Sun square Mars and Saturn trine Pluto natally. At the time of her death transiting Pluto was opposite Venus (fatal attraction aspect), and trine Mars, and transiting Pluto had formed an exact inconjunction to the natal Sun and transiting Neptune was square Sun.
  6. Kim Reilman was attacked and beaten in the head with a hammer; several of the 5 blows penetrated her brain. Her husband broke into her home only four days after being released from jail for breaking an order of protection against him. She lived on life support for three days before she died. During the attack, her stepfather went to check on her and he also was beaten with the same hammer by Kim’s husband. He has permanent brain injuries to this day. “In many cases, there is physical violence from the beginning. In our situation, he was never physically abusive to her, not until he realized she wanted a life without him. “ Kim has Sun/ Mars opposite Uranus/ Pluto natally (again a possible violent configuration), and the Sun is trine to Neptune. Both Neptune and Pluto form a yod to Venus ( the planet of relationships). At the time of her murder transiting Pluto was square her Sun and Mars in Pisces. Transiting Pluto formed the apex of a T-square to Sun/Mars- Uranus and natal Pluto.
  7. Janice Marie Jones was stalked, raped, and murdered by an ex-boyfriend. The murder took place in front of her two children, ages 11 and 13 at the time. Although the autopsy and death certificate states the cause of death as a homicide, her killer was charged with Involuntary Manslaughter without Malice. He served 18 months and is now free because he murdered her with his fist and not a “weapon” and thus why it was considered “without malice”. Janice has Venus trine Neptune natally, Mars square Pluto and trine Uranus. The Sun in Pisces is trine Mars in Scorpio, and Venus is square Mars exactly. At the time of her murder transiting Pluto was beginning a trine to her Sun and transiting Saturn in Scorpio squared Pluto.
  8. Cynthia Cruz after escaping her abuser twice and having a reprieve of only one month of hospitalization, Cindy was convinced by her abuser that he was in therapy, and he was so sorry, and that the violence he had committed against her was now at an end. Three days after returning to him, she was murdered. He stabbed her 21 times. Cynthia has Sun- Venus in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio. At the time of her murder transiting Pluto was square Venus (fatal attraction) and transiting Neptune was conjunct the sun.

Stalking can be based on a form of idealization, romantic love, and infatuation which could bring in some Neptunian elements. However, since Neptune and Pluto travel in and out of sextile, they can form an opposition and trine to the same planet in transit, but it makes the influence no less powerful.