Sun-Neptune Synastry Aspects

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This article discusses Sun conjunct Neptune, Sun Square Neptune, Sun Opposite Neptune and Sun Trine Neptune aspects in Synastry. Sun-Neptune contacts often show a great sensitivity between each other and it is a fantastic romantic contact to have, but there are also some impossible expectations. As with all Neptune contacts in synastry, there is a higher and lower road to swim. Neptune relationships have a spiritual centre and sensitive attunement that finds it difficult to let the real world intrude. The aspect can also encourage dependency and an unrealistic idealization of the other, so it is difficult to see the partner in a proper light. Neptune contacts between two charts can reach the sublime and spiritual to the confusing and chaotic. There are many misunderstandings that may occur through this interaction that block its potentiality for growth. So unless the relationship has some self-awareness the negative side of Neptune may wade in and illuminate any weaknesses, deceptive behavior, and dependency problems. Yet, there is a psychic feeling between these two like they have met before and are bound together by some mysterious tie.

With both the easy and hard aspects, there is often a lot of flowing feelings of love between them both. Neptune admires the Sun and depends on their warmth and strength, but can try too hard to please. The Sun person may take on the role of the strong one, guiding, leading, protecting and supporting the Neptune individual. However, to keep hold of the relationship Neptune can become needy, ill, have problems with drugs or alcohol, feel victimised, and addicted. The Sun person then feels a sense of obligation towards Neptune and the great insecurity of the Neptune individual clings like a parasite to the Sun. In this relationship, there can be dramas between these two that feature any or several forms of martyrdom. If you happen to be interacting in an emotional harmful way the hard aspects (conjunction, Square and Opposition) are highly charged and tend to be more compulsive in relationships. Hence, there can be a life-long longing or, dare we say, stalkerish-like energy from the Neptune person towards the Sun person in this union. The Neptune person will often feel this is the creature they have dreamed of and that they have found someone who is their soul-mate. However, this longing for the other can turn into neediness, and the individual becomes central to their life. It can become difficult when one (Sun) feels that they are at the center of the other’s (Neptune’s) happiness.

The Sun trine Neptune aspects will often show an easy sense of mutual sensitivity, understanding, and dreamy connection. There is a sense of a soul-connection, and, of course, the hard aspects will also fall under Neptune’s dreamy enchantment, but there is usually more caution given for the vulnerability of the relationship. Neptune trines in relationships help both of them to tune into one another’s feelings with ease. However, with the challenging contacts, this tuning in can sometimes lead to confusing signals. There can also be an excess of compassion and in some cases – pity. Fantasy and illusion are built around this combination of planets and can create some problems. In the film Misery, this Sun-Neptune contact falls across the charts of the actors. It eerily shows the idealized writer and his crazy fan. Those with this aspect with a partner, may not want to rent this feature any time soon, and I know this isn’t the nicest example. However, it perfectly describes just how much idealization present in this aspect and the disappointment following.

Astrologer Lyn Birkbeck in The Instant Astrologer calls this contact one of a fated fascination but that the relationship will eventually encounter dissolution and major misunderstandings may occur between them:

“This is a bit like Sunshine sparkling on and off the surface of water. But come nightfall there can be just a dull grey limpid mass – that is, sooner or later the mirage evaporates and the real vulnerable person remains.”

This may be a relationship where both seek to escape in one another. And sometimes there is deception because the Neptune person has a tendency to avoid confrontation and is sometimes less direct, refusing to see what is really there. This may be perceived as nebulous behavior by the Sun, but if the issues are worked through there is a real chance for this relationship to maintain its compassion and deep understanding of one another, and to reach heights of complete ecstasy.