Scorpio, 8th House and Pluto: The Trivial

The superficial and the trivial hold little appeal for Scorpios or those whose 8th house is ruled by Pluto. Scorpionic energy controls the experiences that will be the most emotionally charged, empathetic, connecting, and unforgettable to us. Everything that happens to us while Pluto is in its orbit should permanently alter our lives. The lives of others, especially those we have loved and lost, have a profound effect on us. Only a few persons in our lives can truly be said to have made an indelible mark on us. After experiencing a traumatic event, one’s viewpoint shifts and the things that were previously causing them stress seem small and unimportant. Losing your childhood innocence and entering an adult world is like giving birth to a whole new reality, even if everything on the surface appears the same.

When we experience tragedy on a personal level, we see that the world continues turning and humming to its own tune. I will never forget the night my dad died and how I lain next to the fireplace, thinking about how insignificant everything else was in light of what had just happened. Things were going on in the upper world like shopping, rushing to catch the bus, laughing, chatting, and flirting continued as usual. In the meantime, I was about to experience the coldest winter of my life.

I can recall each emotion Pluto’s lens captured in painstaking depth a hundred times over, yet I also felt a vacuum deep inside. I even remember dozing off while scratching my itchy, swollen, and watery eyes. When I first woke up again, I assumed it was all a nightmare, but when the house fell silent and the memories flooded back like a tsunami, I realised it had all actually happened. Dad was gone. I really became aware of how final death is. In some respects, I felt angry towards my father, as if he were able to defeat it and prevailing over it. He inflicted so much pain while avoiding having to watch my mother crumble or my strong, big brothers cry.  How I yearned to go back to that world before everything happened because it had all changed now.

Nothing can bring a person back from the dead; this is the icy, cruel, unyielding truth. Regarding Pluto, there are many of those hard, unflinching truths that we must face. I’ve discovered that several Pluto-related difficulties revolve around questions of fate, destiny, and the “what ifs” that arise throughout our lives. What if I never suffered abuse? What if I was never sexually assaulted? What if I didn’t leave the house that night?  What if I only waited 20 minutes before leaving the house? What if my mom hadn’t been killed? What if my dad hadn’t passed away? What if I had been able to do more?

We might even start to create this imaginary alternate reality in which nothing ever changed and everything remained the same. Life, however, casts a shadow back as reality slowly creeps in, darkening the scene and exposing all of its pretty little lies. Even if there are times when I want to punch Fate in the face, perhaps this is the way our lives were intended to be and there is some intelligent purpose. All the potential paths our life could have gone in are impossible to predict. Living in a world where nothing lasts forever can make worrying over the little things feel like a waste of time.

Pluto’s tribe are the types who look deeper than the surface and question everything they meet. The same hole is dug deeper.  We all know that they have a dark, serious, and morbid side, but they have a special view of life since they are able to go below its surface level complexities and are therefore always compelled to look inward. We know that if we go into the murky depths of these emotions, we’ll find all the wealth and treasure we’ll ever need. Water’s might is often underrated; it has the potential to be both deceiving and mysterious, and could quite literally sweep us off our feet and alter our perception of reality. Nonetheless, the mundane has its place and can brighten and entertain us. Plutonians are wickedly funny people who have learnt to laugh at and with themselves as much as with the world around them.