Scorpio, 8th House and Pluto: The Trivial

tumblr_mwj740uHuo1qaqv2ro1_1280Nothing interests Scorpio, 8th house and Pluto people less than what is superficial and mediocre. The reason for this is that they are ruled by the planet of life and death; it rules taboos, the cruellest, sadistic, and darkest things that could happen to us as human beings. It also rules the most intense, compassionate, bonding, and memorable things that will happen to us. Pluto never forgets and every experience is meant to touch us deeply.

We are deeply touched by the lives of others, those we have loved and lost. Usually, there are only a select few of these people and they will always have a lasting impact upon our lives. When something traumatic happens the whole world radically appears trivial, everything is put into deeper perspective and the things we worried about beforehand seem meaningless, pointless and insignificant. Even if on the outside, if everything looks like a model of perfection, a loss of innocence and a tainted world is like a birth into a new reality.

During a personal tragedy, we realize that the world keeps turning and humming along to its own tune. When my father died, I vividly remember lying next to the fireplace thinking about all of the irrelevant stuff, and how it was nothing in comparison to what had just happened. All of those things were not what really mattered in life. Life outside was still happening. People still moved along with their lives: shopping, running for the bus, laughing, chatting, and flirting. Meanwhile, I was poised to face the coldest winter of my life.

I remember every emotion expressed a hundredfold through Pluto’s lens, but I was also numb inside. I remember falling asleep rubbing my red, sore eyes that now felt dry as a desert. For a split second, waking up, I thought it may have all have been a bad dream, but the quietness of the house, and all of the memories that flooded back like a tsunami, told me it was indeed true. My father was dead.

For the first time, I understood the permanency of death. However, this time, it felt like it was on a much larger scale. It feels almost wrong to taint the innocence of a child with the knowledge of death and loss, but it is also unavoidable. On the outside, after my father’s passing, no emotion showed on my face as if I was also stiffened by death. On the inside, there was a primal scream gripping my throat tightly, making it much harder to breathe.

In some ways, I was angry towards my father, as if he could have beaten death, fought against it and won. I was annoyed that he caused all of this hurt and didn’t have to face my mother falling apart or watch my big, strong brothers breaking down into tears. The day before it happened, I was just like any other girl, going about my everyday life, and the big decisions were whether to wear my hair up or down. I could almost laugh and cry, as if I had lots of alternatives. As if I had so much power and choice over my life. Now it had all changed and how I longed to return to that world before it all happened.

When people die, nothing will bring them back and this is the cold, cruel, immovable, unchangeable truth. There are lots of those cold, painful and immovable truths that we will confront with regards to Pluto. I have found that some of the issues involving Pluto, circle around the matters of fate and destiny and the ‘what if’s’ throughout our lives. What if I was never abused? What if I was never raped? What if I never went out that night? What if I decided not to take the day off? What if I left the house just 20 minutes later? What if my mother wasn’t murdered? What if my father never died? What if I could have done more?

We might even begin to create this fantasy parallel universe where things never changed and they stayed the same. I wake up the next morning and my father is still alive. I am still fighting with my sister over petty stuff.  My brother is hibernating in his room. My mother is my making my dad’s favourite meal, and our life stayed the same, and it’s so nice in that place for a while. I can even project it further into the future as time goes on. I can smell my mother’s home cooking when I come to visit with my kids. My Dad is in the kitchen getting his hand slapped every-time he steals food from the plate, and my mother is laughing at all same old jokes he loves to tell. However, a shadow falls back over life, and the reality comes creeping, slowly darkening the picture and revealing all of its pretty little lies.

Maybe our life was meant to be this way, and there is some intelligent purpose, even though at times I feel like punching Fate, square in the face. None of us will ever know all the possible courses our lives could or should have taken. It sometimes feels like a waste of life to be worrying about trivialities, especially living in a world where nothing lasts forever. Anybody’s life could change course. Pluto, Scorpio, and the 8th house people often blow up over something trivial, but at the heart of the matter there is usually something far deeper. Pluto rules over life and death and all transformative experiences. Everything in life is infused with richer and deeper colours, but it can also bring forth profound compassion, and people stop what they are doing and offer us their deepest sympathies and support in our times of crisis.

You see Pluto’s tribe were born to penetrate the mysteries of life and not to accept what is on the surface. The same hole is dug deeper.  We know they can be dark, serious and morbid at times, but they see life behind it trivialities, its deeper mysteries, and they are always forced inwards. When we go rolling in the deep, complex waters of these feelings we know that we can unearth within all the treasures and richness in life that we will ever need. People underestimate the strength of water; it can be powerfully deceptive, mysterious and can literally sweep us off our feet and change our reality. However, we do also need the trivial in our lives and it helps to bring lightness, humour, and fun. Plutonians have a wicked sense of humour, and have learned to navigate both the light and dark sides of life.