Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

mercury-pluto aspectsThe Mercury-Pluto individual is keenly perceptive and what they say is often mesmeric, absorbing, and truly compelling. Sooner or later, they will come to acknowledge that underneath, as it will be discovered, there are latent talents and abilities in need of developing in areas connected to writing, teaching, perhaps excelling in languages and speaking, all of which require greater execution in order to fully utilize these talents. Pluto’s concentration and focus puts emphasis on the mental area of life. Mercury-Pluto’s words can be hypnotic and they can be convincing when they have something to say. Another fascinating truth, one which often creeps others out – is that the individual often knows things without being told.

The Mercury-Pluto individual is also able to study intensely for some length of time, but they are prone to psychological exhaustion in their relentless search for the truth, working out the motives of others, analysing everything to such a deep degree. They may be fascinated by languages, solving puzzles, cryptic messages, and deciphering. Moreover, the Mercurial-Plutonian can have mad skills in investigative journalism and scientific research, gaining mastery over a particular subject. As a super sleuth, they use the power of psychological deduction in the area of investigation, using the process of elimination and researching a topic thoroughly. We often see an individual with this contact in the possession of sharp intellectual abilities, and the mental powers are used to analyse and solve our greatest mysteries. They study something in order to get to the very core of its nature, unearthing every stone.

The Mercury-Pluto type also likes to figure out what makes others tick, accessing the unconscious mind and examining the things that others have left unsaid. They understand the underlying motives of any behaviour; they make for a great psychologist, working to apply their knowledge of the human mind and behaviour in order to solve problems or improve people’s lives. They could study human nature, learning about the inner and outer nature of reality. The person can learn how to use words to effectively empower others to change their life. The ability to probe the depths of others, as well as their own, tends to shape them into gifted counsellors and mental analysts of all kinds.

They have a powerful, incisive and penetrating mind, extracting the deeper meaning of any problem. In fact, it is the hidden meaning of something that fascinates the individual to no-end; they are capable of understanding all the facets of change, transformation and evolution. Mercury-Pluto often knows exactly what to say to others to heal and shed light on difficult areas. They also know exactly what to say to hurt others, and must be careful because what the individual says, tends to mold others thinking due to their profound impact. A Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Pluto person, has a complex mind that delves deeply into any subject matter, especially those that are considered taboo or off-limits. The person is able to look beneath the surface with an intense curiosity, ferreting out the information they require.

More About Mercury-Pluto Aspects

  • The person enjoys absorbing knowledge and is compulsive in their desire to know and learn.
  • They are mentally resourceful and are attracted to secret information; the unknowable, and enjoy getting to the root of the matter.
  • They also defend their views aggressively and are prone to violent verbal eruptions.
  • The person carries an enormous psychic power in all areas of communication.
  • The individual may use the power of words to manipulate others, uncover the truth and are like mental detectives looking for something out of the smallest of clues.
  • They are extremely determined when communicating and it can sometimes come across in an overbearing, forceful way; cruel words are not easily forgotten.

The person can also be silent or could be a compulsive talker, as always with Pluto it is all or nothing. In childhood, they may have felt their opinions were criticized, ignored, and that their thoughts were manipulated and dominated. The individual may have a sharp tongue and their speaking could be extremely dramatic. Sometimes their ideas are fixed, and the mind is paranoid; they become really obsessed. The person needs to engage their mind into something deeply satisfying. They either seek to completely understand something totally or seek to tear all intellectual ideas down, especially if they prove to be phony or false, so as to revealing everything underneath until there is no place to hide. Quite often, they learn things that revolutionize the mind and their way of thinking, so it can have a profound and deep effect.

Pluto can also have a disturbing effect on the psyche of the individual that can be quite dark and depressing. Sometimes they are plagued by frightening thoughts and premonitions so that the mind is taken over by a force outside. They may be overly fearful expecting the worst. It is one of the aspects that fears insanity because of the descent into darkness.

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