Spiritual Barbie: Sun Trine Neptune

A model from Ukraine by the name of Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is more generally known as the real life Barbie. Her breasts have only been surgically enhanced according to sources, with the rest of her appearance manufactured via the use of make-up techniques. Aside from that, there have been several allegations that her appearance has been altered by others through the use of Photoshop. According to online footage, she appears to be completely normal. A diet consisting solely of liquids, along with frequent exercise, results in a small waist. Furthermore, she never grins and postures in doll-like positions to further persuade us. Some people believe she is simply living in a dream world and consciously wants to appear “unreal.”

Valeria is sometimes referred to as Space Barbie, and she professes her belief that she is from the planet Venus, believing in former life memories from other worlds, and that her other name is Amatue. Valeria is also referred to as Space Barbie and Amatue. During her adolescence, between the ages of 12 and 13, Val claimed to have witnessed delicate worlds and distinct spirits from different dimensions. During the night, they would appear to her and she would see spirals surrounding these entities. She is currently employed as a lecturer on out-of-body experiences and as a facilitator of spiritual seminars at an international school where instructors teach students how to leave their physical bodies and travel in their spiritual bodies, which allows them to move freely to any place on the planet and throughout the universe.

Here is a video that is really intriguing and demonstrates the extent to which she is willing to go when talking spirituality (the visual images are out of this world…)

The model says that she exploits her physical appearance to get attention for her spiritual beliefs, claiming that by being a beautiful and inspirational lady, more people would take note of her thoughts and beliefs. Videos of the internet star dressed as this otherworldly figure have been released on the internet, with her saying statements such as “I am everything,” “Everything is god,” “Everything is love,” and “I am you and you are me.”

In Valeria’s birth chart, she has a critical Sun trine Neptune aspect, which is quite favourable. The Sun and Neptune are at 0 degrees exact, and the aspect involves the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Capricorn. According to Carol Rushman, crucial degrees have more weight, relevance, and intensity than other degrees, putting more stress on the meaning of the planet and the things that the planet represents, which are important concerns in the person’s life.

An example of how the Sun trines Neptune might be interpreted is as follows from this blog:

Mysticism is a spiritual path that some people seek because it connects them very comfortably with their sense of self, their ambitions, and the values that they strive to achieve in life. Due to the fact that these individuals are very sensitive and have an empathic and sympathetic nature, the road of service is frequently chosen for them. Intuitive and psychic in nature, those born under the influence of the Sun trine Neptune are particularly sensitive to all emotions and have the ability to absorb creative imagery through their intense fantasies, inspirations, and dream lives.

Much of this inspiration comes from the unconscious layers of the self, which provide them with an inexhaustible pool of answers in the form of images, such as symbols, that they may draw from. As a result, they are extremely sensitive and attuned to this other, more heavenly reality. This element has been described as having the ability to hear the harmony of the spheres. Sun-Neptune people have an innate capacity to transform themselves into someone else for a short period of time, which is why many of them succeed in the performing industry. A love of animals is also acknowledged to be a common trait of this aspect, and psychologists think that animals may assist to reduce loneliness by expressing unconditional love and acceptance.

Valeria is a vegetarian who thinks that we are all connected in one way or another. The young woman makes for an intriguing study, and for the genuine “fantasy appearance,” this would most likely also be Sun trine Neptune, as she searches for her ideal self and her dream come true. The Sun-Neptune interpretation provided by Astrofix is appropriate and provides a very excellent reading for our Spiritual Barbie, however there are a number of additional factors to consider:

Attaching your ego to spiritual pursuits. Spiritual egotism. Needing to be seen as a spiritual person. Spiritual identity. Self-glorification through spiritual pursuits…. Experiencing yourself as part of everything. Being drawn to explore the spiritual side of life. Spiritual questers. Becoming the hero in your own spiritual journey. Going so far in your quest for the ideal that you lose touch with reality. Living in a world of imagination. Using the power of imagination to re-imagine your life and life purpose. Living in a fantasy world.