The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

tumblr_n6nfjjmgDZ1rxu7iuo1_500The Earth signs in astrology, which includes Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, draws a fascinating parallel to our tangible, material world. Earth signs are often associated with practicality, stability, and a strong connection to the physical realm. In many ways, these astrological signs mirror the fundamental importance of material possessions in our lives. Our existence in the earthly world revolves around the objects and resources we possess. Beyond just our personal belongings, the very foundations of our society, like shelter, food, and clothing, are essential to our survival and well-being. When we strip away everything we own, including the clothes we wear, we are confronted with our vulnerability and dependence on the material aspects of life. In this state of absolute vulnerability, we are forced to confront the raw realities of existence. Without a place to sleep or money to buy food, we must grapple with the challenges of finding shelter, sustenance, and security. This scenario underscores the critical role that material possessions play in our lives, not merely as luxuries but as necessities for survival.

Looking at this from a historical perspective, the epochs of the world’s history as described in Greek mythology further highlight the significance of materials. The ages of stone, bronze, and iron symbolize different stages of human development, marked by the materials and technologies prevalent during those times. The Golden Age, associated with Saturn and Cronus, is particularly intriguing. It represents a period of unparalleled peace and prosperity when humanity flourished, and material abundance was readily available. During this time, people enjoyed the bounties of the Earth without scarcity, mirroring the harmony between Earth signs and their connection to the physical world.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – they’re the signs that have their feet planted firmly on Terra Firma, and they’re here to remind us that, you know, we live in a world made of stuff. You see, the material world we’re all swimming in, it’s quite the spectacle. We’re talking about everything from the clothes on our backs to the roof over our heads, and even that green paper we’re all so fixated on. Strip it all away, and you’re left stark-naked in the wilderness, trying to figure out how to put dinner on the table. It’s a bit of wake-up call, isn’t it? These Earth signs, they’re like our anchor to reality, reminding us that in this physical realm, our material possessions are more than just mere trinkets. They’re our lifelines, our survival tools.

Liz Greene says,

The earth signs have made peace with the world, and the world, pleased to be recognized as something other than a grubby, sleazy, and unspiritual cesspit (we’re taught, after all, that it’s pretty hard for rich men to enter heaven), will often show a kind face in reward for the long labour which the earth signs are willing to expend. Astrology for Lovers

The material world, represented by the earth signs in astrology, stands as a testament to human progress and survival. Over the centuries, we’ve constructed vast structures and sprawling cities that stretch for miles, all of which owe their existence to the resources and stability that Earth provides. Our connection to the earth element is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a matter of our very existence. If we were to lose touch with this grounding force, it would be akin to losing the solid ground beneath our feet, leaving us in a state of disorienting instability.

Within the realm of astrology, those who work with textiles and materials are seen as the true inhabitants of the earth signs. They are the artisans and craftsmen who bring the tangible aspects of our world to life. What we can perceive with our senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch – along with the practical aspects of the material world, all fall under the domain of the earthy trigon on the astrological chart. The earthy triangle encompasses the sensuality of the material, emphasizing the tactile qualities of fabrics, and celebrates the practicality of materiality. It is the earth signs, including Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, who are the builders of our society. They employ their hands and minds in manual labor to create everything from clothing and furniture to essential tools and resources. Their work is the foundation upon which the rest of society is built.

In the astrological context, the earth signs are closely associated with the grounding houses – the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses. These are the abodes where we seek safety and success in our lives. When a planet is positioned in one of your earth houses and faces challenges or difficult aspects, it can signify financial turbulence and obstacles in your career or professional life. The rhythms of the earth signs reveal the working patterns that dictate how we spend our lives. Providing for our own survival and ensuring the well-being of our families necessitates time, effort, and hard work. The values of hard labor, duty, and taking pride in one’s accomplishments are central to the signs and houses associated with the earth element. In today’s world, we often hear the refrain that hard work is a prerequisite for success, and this sentiment resonates strongly with the earth signs.

However, it’s important to note that the earthy signs develop slowly, according to the insights of astrologer Liz Greene. They do not reach their full potential until the second half of life. This suggests that the wisdom, stability, and maturity associated with the earth signs are qualities that develop over time, much like the earth itself slowly transforms and evolves. It reminds us that, just as the material world around us requires patience and nurturing, so too does our connection to the earth element and its qualities of diligence, perseverance, and reliability.


According to astrology, Taurus is often celebrated as a profoundly prolific and stable sign, drawing its symbolism from the rich tapestry of nature. Imagine Taurus as the nurturing gardener of the zodiac, diligently tending to the fertile soil of life, where the seeds of potential are sown and nurtured to fruition. This steadfast, earthy energy is considered the simplest among its earthy counterparts, emphasizing a direct and visceral connection to the tangible world. In astrology, Taurus is like a harmonious melody playing the notes of Venus, the celestial body that governs love, beauty, and sensuality. This mystical devotion to nature and its association with strong femininity and sensuality makes Taurus a captivating and sensual sign. It’s as if Taureans are attuned to the heartbeat of the earth, rooted deeply in their surroundings, and unable to separate themselves from it.

Much like a tree firmly rooted in the ground, Taureans are known for their possessive and unyielding nature. They move through life at a steady, deliberate pace, exuding a sense of calm and stability that can be comforting to those around them. This measured approach is not a sign of laziness but rather a reflection of their unwavering determination. One of Taurus’ most prominent characteristics is its affinity for sensory pleasures. They find joy and fulfillment in the world’s myriad sensations—flavors that tantalize the palate, fragrances that evoke emotions, the symphony of nature’s sounds, the textures that engage the senses, and even the feeling of their own skin against the world. For a Taurus, life is meant to be savored and enjoyed on a visceral level.

While they may be stereotypically seen as solely focused on their comfort and financial stability, many Taureans possess exceptional creative talents. These talents can manifest in various forms, and Taureans often have the resilience and determination to start and build successful ventures from the ground up. Their common sense is a true gift, offering a pragmatic and grounded perspective that can serve as a guiding light in times of uncertainty.

Taurus, according to the stars and planets, is like, well, this incredibly fertile patch of earth, you know? It’s the sort of sign that provides a rock-solid foundation for new life to sprout and flourish, like some cosmic gardener tending to the lushest of gardens. But here’s the deal: Taureans, they’re like the tree that refuses to budge in a storm. They’re stubborn, yeah, but in a steadfast, unwavering kind of way. They move at their own pace, which is slower than most, but that’s because they’re soaking in every little detail of the world around them. Don’t be fooled by the stereotype that they only care about their own comfort and financial stability. Many of these folks have creativity oozing out of them. They can build things from scratch, and their common sense? It’s like a golden compass that always points to the right direction. So, in essence, Taurus is the rock-solid, sensual, and creative heart of the zodiac. It’s all about embracing the simple pleasures of life, staying grounded like a tree, and reveling in the beauty of the world.


Individuals born under the sign of Virgo possess a unique blend of qualities that set them apart in the zodiac. Their dedication to work is unwavering, and they approach tasks with an analytical and precise mindset. Virgos have an innate need to anchor their knowledge firmly in reality, seeking practical solutions that can be implemented immediately. This pragmatic approach is a result of their deep familiarity with the world around them, as they are keen observers of both the tangible and intangible aspects of life.

Virgoans are known for their modesty and self-reflective nature. They seldom seek the spotlight but radiate thoughtfulness and kindness in their interactions with others. Their unmatched empathy allows them to connect on a profound level, offering valuable support and understanding to those in need. What truly distinguishes Virgo individuals is their insatiable thirst for knowledge. They are like sponges, ceaselessly absorbing information, analyzing data, and observing the details of the world. Their minds are reservoirs of wisdom, and their innate curiosity drives them to explore the depths of their interests continually. This relentless pursuit of understanding is their most precious asset. In addition to their intellectual prowess, Virgos are skilled artisans. They possess a unique ability to identify opportunities for improvement in various aspects of life. Whether it’s refining a process, organizing chaos, or creating something entirely new, Virgos excel at making things better. Their meticulous attention to detail and their drive for perfection make them invaluable contributors to any project or endeavor.

According to Dane Rudhyar, Virgo symbolizes “the human soul’s waiting, preparation, and lonely, potentially fruitful solitude.” This solitude is not born out of loneliness but rather from a profound connection to their inner selves. Virgos embrace their moments of seclusion as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. It is during these times of introspection that they cultivate their mental fecundity, nurturing their thoughts and ideas until they are ready to be shared with the world. In essence, Virgo individuals are a unique blend of dedication, intellect, practicality, and kindness. They are the quiet achievers who continually seek to improve themselves and the world around them. Their presence is a testament to the power of introspection and the enduring value of thoughtful, diligent work.

And Virgoans, they’re all about keeping it real, yeah? They wanna ground their knowledge in the real world. They’re not after some fancy, complicated solutions. Nah, they want something practical that you can use right now, ’cause they’ve got their feet firmly planted in reality. They’re like, “Let’s get things sorted ASAP.” Now, these Virgo folks, they might be all about work, but they’re not show-offs, man. They’re modest, and they spend a lot of time reflecting on themselves. But don’t let that fool you – they’ve got this crazy thoughtfulness and kindness that’s off the charts. They’re like the quiet heroes of the zodiac, always there with a helping hand. But here’s the deal – Virgos are knowledge sponges. They’re like these never-ending learners, always soaking up info, analyzing everything, and just observing the world like it’s one big classroom. Their brains are like treasure troves of wisdom, and they’re always hungry for more. And on top of that, they’re like master craftsmen. Seriously, if something needs fixing or improving, they’re on it. Their attention to detail is next-level, and they’re always striving for perfection. You want something to be better? Get a Virgo on the case, and they’ll work their magic. According to this dude Dane Rudhyar, Virgo is all about “the human soul’s waiting, preparation, and lonely, potentially fruitful solitude.” It’s like they find this unique kind of solitude that’s not lonely but actually super enriching. They use that time to dive deep into their thoughts and ideas, and when they emerge, they’ve got some mind-blowing stuff to share with the world.


Dane Rudyhar’s perspective on astrology, particularly his interpretation of the signs Virgo and Capricorn, provides a unique and insightful lens through which we can understand the relationship between Earth’s elements and human experience. In Rudyhar’s view, Virgo represents the Earth element in its second aspect of antithesis. This suggests that Virgo embodies the Earth element’s contrasting qualities, and this concept can be found in his book, “The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix.” Virgo is often associated with qualities like practicality, attention to detail, and a strong sense of duty. These attributes can be seen as the antithesis or opposite qualities to the more expansive and expressive aspects of the Earth element.

On the other hand, Capricorn, according to Rudyhar, ushers in the concept of synthesis. This means that Capricorn represents the harmonious merging of nature with humanity as a whole. Capricorns tend to exhibit qualities such as realism, reliability, steadiness, conscientiousness, seriousness, professionalism, and emotional control. They are known for approaching life with a sense of responsibility and a focus on achieving their goals, often displaying an “old head on young shoulders.” This synthesis, in the context of Capricorn, suggests a blending of human qualities with the Earth element to create individuals who are both pragmatic and ambitious.

Rudyhar’s emphasis on Earth as the element associated with sensations and the human experience is intriguing. It highlights the idea that our connection to the external world is mediated through our senses. Everything we know about the world outside our bodies is learned through our sensory experiences, making sensations the very foundation of our concrete experience. Individuals born under the sign of Capricorn are said to embody these foundational sensations in their pragmatic approach to life. They rely on their senses to gather information and make practical decisions. Their emphasis on achievement and their drive for power are seen as a natural outgrowth of their connection to the Earth element, which grounds them in the physical world.

However, Capricorns may also face challenges related to their intense sense of responsibility and their tendency to overextend themselves. Their reluctance to rely on others can lead to burnout if their lives become solely focused on their professional pursuits. Nonetheless, Capricorns are known for taking the tried-and-true path to success, relying on their extensive qualifications and hard work to achieve their goals.

Capricorns, they’re the realists, the reliable ones, the steady Eddies of the zodiac. They’re all about responsibility, seriousness, and professionalism. But, and there’s always a but, Capricorns can go a bit overboard with their sense of responsibility. They’re like, “I don’t need nobody’s help, I’ve got this!” They might end up burning themselves out if they don’t find a balance between work and play. It’s like they’re sprinting the marathon of life, and sometimes they need to take a breather.