The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

tumblr_n6nfjjmgDZ1rxu7iuo1_500The Earth signs in astrology are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, The earthy element is extremely important in life and the world is made from all sorts of materials and we are all surrounded by them. Now, take away earth’s materials, even the clothes on our back and we are totally naked and vulnerable. We would have no shelter, housing, and no money to buy food. Without all of this “material” stuff, we would be left alone in the jungle of life for survival.

According to Greek Mythology, even the ages of the world have been defined by materials. We have the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. The Golden Age was defined by Saturn/Cronus and it was called a time of cosmic harmony when the Earth was fertile and productive and man was provided with all earthly riches.

The earth signs have made peace with the world, and the world, pleased to be recognized as something other than a grubby, sleazy, and unspiritual cesspit (we’re taught, after all, that it’s pretty hard for rich men to enter heaven), will often show a kind face in reward for the long labour which the earth signs are willing to expend. Astrology for Lovers

The earth signs represent the material world we have constructed, and we have come a long way, creating buildings and cities that stretch out for miles. Earth matters a great deal giving us the materials and the tools to do the job, but also keeping us secure in life. Take away the element of earth and our physical surroundings and it would be like taking the ground beneath our feet. It would be incredibly unsteadying, and we would have nothing to support us. The earth signs belong to the people that make things, those that work with textiles and materials. The sensuality of material its feel its touch and the practical elements in the realm of materiality all belong to the

The earth signs belong to the people that make things, those that work with textiles and materials. The sensuality of material its feel its touch and the practical elements in the realm of materiality all belong to the earthy trigon. They design clothes, make furniture, and craft materials with their hands and are essentially the builders of our world.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are connected to the earthy houses (2nd, 6th and 10th). The earth houses are where we strive for security and reward. Planets placed in the earth houses, especially if challenged can show economic upheavals, and creates problems and crises on the financial side, and in the working aspect of life and career.

Earth reveals our working life and it also regulates our daily lives, it has a rhythm and we shape our lives by these working patterns. The world has to feed itself, and build shelter and all of this entails work, time and labour. The values of the earthy signs/houses rest heavily on hard work, duty, and a sense of accomplishment. Society teaches us that in order to accomplish anything in the world we must work hard to achieve our goals.


Taurus in astrology makes things fruitful and it is the energy that has a rich layer of soil representing stability from which life grows. It is symbolic of the ability to initially feel the physical experience of the world and it is also the simplest of the earthy signs. According to Rudyhar, Taurus is producing the best of which nature is capable. The Venusian ruled sign is extremely feminine, sensual, representing mother earth with an almost mystical love of nature. The sense of being rooted in the earth, which is at its most powerful, and it also means they find it difficult to break away from those roots. They need security, like Virgo and Capricorn, and to be uprooted is an end for Taurus.

A Taurean clings stubbornly; they are slow and steady, deep and calm, possessive and unflappable. Life to Taurus is full of delight and pleasure to be enjoyed, and they are a natural sensualist, they enjoy the scents, aromas, sounds of music, and the texture and feel of things, including the body. Of course, Taurus can be labelled with the all they care about is “sex, security and money” tags, but many are extraordinarily capable of producing beauty and works of art, also, building up a business, they really know how to lay the foundations of life. The real gift is their common sense, and they are always around to offer grounded advice.


Virgo identifies with work, they are analytic, precise, with the deepest desire to ground knowledge. They may opt for limited in their way of thinking, but immediately usable, and have insights into everyday reality. The Virgoan is also self-critical and shy, but the thoughtfulness of the sign is beyond measure; there is much kindness with humbleness. Those with the sign strong in the chart are always studying, analyzing data, and making keen observations of life. In fact, their intellect is something of a prized possession and they are also something of a craftsperson, a thinker, possessing the ability to improve on things. Virgo represents the natural phase of the end of human stage of evolution that is reached. Dane Rudyhar calls this the deep process of chemicalization and concretization and also refers to Virgo as the mental fecundity. “The Virgo is alone by definition; but it is a very different kind of aloneness…Virgo is the expectancy…preparation…potentially fruitful aloneness of the human soul.”


Dane Rudyhar in The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar Book 1) says, “Virgo is the Earth element in its second aspect of antithesis. Capricorn will bring the synthesis, that is, the integration of Nature and of the collective and the individual…we have identified the element Earth with the factors of human experience represented by “sensations. Sensations are the very basis of concrete experience, for all that we know of the world outside of our bodies comes to us through sensations.” Capricorn is responsible, realistic, steadfast, conscientious, serious, professional and self-controlled. The energy is organized towards success and naturally aspires to a position of authority, enormously capable and qualified the person is born with an old head upon young shoulders. The Capricorn type can often overdo and take on far too much responsibility, they often don’t trust it to anybody else, but can exhaust themselves when all of their time is taken up by a career. Capricorns take the safe route to the top and apply hard work, resourcefulness, and their over-qualified skills to the desired goal.