Aries, Leo , Sagittarius: Femme Fatale


Aries is the face of the zodiac, the cover girl and every aspect of life contains the first page. Hell yes, this Mars ruled individual is even rumored to have started the Big Bang. Naturally, they are found leading the way, making a noise, stirring up excitement. The Arietic woman heralds the beginning of spring in this Femme Fatale march. The initiation of any cycle falls under Aries and this energy pierces through life. It rules birth, self-renewal, and fiery transformations. The astrological year begins with the Spring equinox on March 21st.
An Arian has great impatience with anything old, conventional and crystallized. The individual will aspire to the highest honours and will not let challenges stand in their way. The Aries personality is all about freedom from the past and social bondage, revealing a fighting spirit, proving they are alive and kicking and will not be chained. Standing at the beginning of the revolution, Aries is breathing in the energy of every new birth.

An Aries lives in the moment, and this competitive edge is really just about finding out what their best really is. The type loves to be involved and charges forward into life. A Mars ruled woman, is ready to explode and often enjoys the chase and the hunt way more. They are on a mission, always on top and always in charge; this is a woman who likes to shoot first and think later.
An Aries lives in the moment, and this competitive edge is really just about finding out what their best really is. The type loves to be involved and charges forward into life. A Mars ruled woman, is ready to explode and often enjoys the chase and the hunt way more. They are on a mission, always on top and always in charge; this is a woman who likes to shoot first and think later.

To Aries half the joy is in the pursuit….it’s the hunt in every possible form; the horns, the dogs, the wonderful horses, the ladies in their towering headdresses …but never the catch. …Once caught its eaten, or hung on the wall as trophy. The hunter is already, from the moment of success, contemplating the next hunt. Astrology for Lovers

Man eating Aries is a blazing type of soul. They feel bored with routine, desiring some adventure in life, a cause, something to fight for in the world. Aries is inspired and is taking charge of any situation, being a strong and bold force. The head and the brain fall under Aries’ rulership  – the battering ram usually rushes in head first and head down when danger threatens. In Ancient times, a large, heavy log carved out into the shape of a ram’s head was used as a medieval battering ram.

Rams proved effective weapons of war because old fashioned wall-building materials such as stone and brick were weak in tension, and therefore prone to cracking when impacted with sufficient force. With repeated blows, the cracks would grow steadily until a hole was created. Eventually, a breach would appear in the fabric of the wall—enabling armed attackers to force their way through the gap and engage the inhabitants of the citadel. The introduction in the later Middle Ages of siege cannons, which harnessed the explosive power of gunpowder to propel weighty stone or iron balls against fortified obstacles, spelled the end of battering rams and other traditional siege weapons. Much smaller, hand-held versions of battering rams are still used today, however, by law enforcement officers and military personnel to bash open locked doors.

As you can tell, hiding behind a fortress will do no good – Aries will barge right through. Aries as a Femme Fatale teaches us to break down doors. When the world says no,  just keep on battering until an entrance opens. The Arian woman is a famous entrepreneur, always starting new ventures and anybody would want such an individual, right by their side. Sometimes Aries hasn’t the patience to always see something through to the end. Instead, they are in the possession of the spark that sets the whole thing in motion. Without Aries, nothing would ever begin, and the fiery impulse re-lights anytime something new is waiting to be energized. The impregnation of new seeds is their forte and things just happen. When Aries is around there is always the exciting possibility of a fresh start.

“Aries impulsiveness often gets her into trouble because she seldom looks before she leaps, but when she lands in a mess, she dusts herself off, laughs and lives to leap again.” The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

Aries is a forceful personality, they push all the way to the front. We meet with the true, fiery kind of personality in the Arian, someone living with passion and intensity, taking exactly what they want. The sign is all about the physical and is an extremely hot lover, often too hot to handle. Sometimes, they can be selfish, and there is a fierce competitiveness, always spoiling for a fight. The more evil and violent Femme Fatales of the Aries tribe -spill blood. They are usually the ones with massive amounts of subconscious frustration, so for the men out there – watch out – for you might just get your fingers burned.



The Leo Femme Fatale, over there, sitting to our left, all regal on a throne. Just be warned, this woman will get real catty if it’s required. An intense and jealous lover, this feline needs undivided attention and is a total star, don’t you realize, she is the centre of the solar system! It is said, that Leo’s can be into themselves, and hate to be ignored. Any man ready to date a Leo must be given the royal seal of approval first. In ancient times, the Lion (Leo) was held in total awe and admiration and given deep respect for its power and authority.

Leo is also a creator, artist and leader in the field. Usually, Leo uses dramatic gestures and is intensely animated, an actress that revels in the core of their being. The Leo woman also feels the aspect of the solar journey, and this involves all creation, living authentically and lies at the very heart of Leo. Everybody in their personal world needs to revolve around Leo all of the time. However, when they act generously, passionately, fierce, loyal and devoted, it’s really no wonder that people gravitate towards such a sunny, uplifting and fabulous personality.

Being close to Leo is like reliving a sunshine day. Especially when the world feels bright and the colours are more intense. The woman is like the golden days of summer that make the sea sparkle like jewels warming and lighting the world up. Leo really is the cat’s whiskers and the undisputed queen. They also give great presents, and must be acknowledged, appreciated, or else. Also, a lover must remain honourable as there is a moral excellence, lodged in the heart of Leo and a belief that others will always do their best. It is deeply wounding when they prove unworthy of love.
In the wild, it is actually the lioness that does all the hunting, she is a strong female type.

Male and female lions live in a large group named a pride with their cubs. With every pride we know that there are a king or kings of the pride, but where would the pride be without resident queens – the female lion – the lioness. The number of lionesses in a pride can be from two to twenty. This number can vary on the availability of food in the territory. If food is scarse then some females will have to disperse and find another pride. All females within a pride are mostly related, e.g. sisters, aunts, nieces etc. There is no rank hierarchy among females and no two are likely to be found together more than half the time. All female residents know one another and when they meet, the lion greeting ceremony (rubbing and low purring) reaffirms their social ties. If a female shows no self-assurance to meet and greet, this sends a signal that it doesn’t belong in the pride and is treated as an intruder…. Females are mainly the hunters of the pride, while males only hunt when a big kill is involved or the females have not given him a free lunch… Females remain playful when they are adults as males do not.

The Leo Femme Fatale can hunt, play and must be given self-importance amongst the tribe. Leo shows off a goddess-given authority and powerful inner spirituality, naturally beginning the next fourfold scheme of elements. Leo is a centralizing force, and some occultists believe the sign, was the true beginning of the zodiac to operate in our universe.

Leo is the will to self-expression, don’t stand in the way of their light. They are magnetic in every possible way. The type has a voracious appetite for adoration and respect and is profoundly individualistic, and needs to fulfill their creative potential. A dazzling glow emanates from this woman and the type is meant to be adored and held in high esteem. A great lover of romance, and often showing a glorious display of vitality, they need to sing and dance and express inner joy, but don’t dare criticize.

Leo can make the self, vulnerable because of the need to express the individuality unabashedly, to tell Leo to stop being unique is like telling the Sun to stop shining in the big blue sky. The Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the oracle and is said that no one can stand before the statue known as Apollo/Sun as it is said to be the most important and complex and it is thought the powerful Leo individual has more or less the same effect on others.


Sagittarius is the eternal gambling gypsy, who reads fortunes, and their own luck tends to swing wildly. The risk-taking ways of this lady can put any man on the edge, through instability, recklessness and a wild side. Within the Sagittarian is the restless explorer, along with a great striving for knowledge – geographically or in the spiritual and mental realms. The Femme Fatale of the Jupiter-ruled hates to feel trapped and loves to have the freedom to roam the universe.

Sagittarius always sees the big picture and pursues possibilities and it’s not always enough that a trip, a piece of art or event is simply what it is. It has to be meaningful, and Sagittarians joyously perceives the meaning of life, even its little moments can take on a larger universal understanding. A fear of meaningless engulfs them and they much prefer to see that life has a purpose.

The vixen is half horse half woman and sometimes when the urge strikes, hits the road for some new adventure.

This half-human and half-horse composition has led many writers to treat them as liminal beings, caught between the two natures, embodied in contrasted myths, both as the embodiment of untamed nature, as in their battle with the Lapiths (their kin), or conversely as teachers, like Chiron.

The liminal nature attached to Sagittarius reflects their ability to stand at the edge of something big, also called “threshold” a dramatic tying together of thought and experience. The Centaurs were also alleged to be found hindering weddings, carrying the brides away. The best man of our modern time reportedly came about when the assisting male helped his friend abduct a woman from a neighbouring village. On a more spiritual note. one can’t help but think of Sagittarius as more of a magical creature due to being represented by its hybrid nature – two species in one- they were thought to be savage, lustful and unrestrained, but also possessing a mysterious wisdom, perception and understanding of life, far greater than the ordinary man.  The Sagittarius mind loves to grapple with ideas and philosophies and to speculate aplenty.

The tradition of the wise woman as judge and teacher exists all over the world, and woman still takes on these roles in some tribal cities today. Like the wise woman who has the good of the community at heart, Sagittarius is always seeking a way to link each piece of knowledge she acquires into a larger pattern, moving towards ever broader contexts of wholeness…the philosophical and ethical perspective of Sagittarius can lead on to an international vision, and the widest context of wholeness. The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

Astrologer, Sue Tompkins, The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now) calls the Sagittarians the Tiggers of the zodiac, all bouncy and excited and exaggerated. The energy can burn with great passion and enthusiasm – full of eagerness for a new experience. However, if Sagittarius is crossed they have a bow and arrow to use as a weapon. In all honesty, the arrow is actually pointing up at the heavens, and it illuminates truth and is all about global actuality as they consider the whole and the totality of life, taking it all inside of their spirit in one giant whole. The endless wonder, theological speculation, and morality of life, all fascinate Sagittarius infinitely.

The personality is often ardent and outspoken, especially about the things they believe. The Sagittarian has countless affection for possibilities, opportunities, openings and will naturally recoil when asked to give up all prospective avenues of potential for a mate. Not all Sagittarius’ are bad choices for lovers or a marriage partner due to this insistent urge for freedom. The Zeus/Jupiter myth and his womanizing ways are only a portrait, sure some people live out a planet’s qualities quite literally with lovers around the clock, but some also live it out in endless romping through future goals, travelling around the world and studying a wide range of topics.

The Sagittarius Femme Fatale won’t take too kindly to the jealous, critical, badgering type, who cramps their style. Also, be prepared for a temper which can be violent along with self-aggrandizement. In mythology, Zeus’ punishments were usually invoked by anyone challenging the god’s position as ruler of the universe. Usually, the punishment was to strike the culprits with thunderbolts burning many offenders to ashes.  Sometimes Sagittarius, seems so positive, manically up, and can be prone to manic flights. These kinds of violent mood-swings can be difficult to live with, but one mustn’t lose hope for the triumph of the spirit can overcome the darkness in life.

Zeus is the father of gods and men. We have already seen that his name, djeus, means ‘the light of heaven, ‘so that he is the daimon of lightning and enlightenment. When he emerges as the victorious kings of the gods, overthrowing the rule of the earthy Titans and establishing his own heavenly domain, he reflects the emergence into collective consciousness of a spiritual principle which is greater than Moira. It is therefore appropriate that Sagittarius should follow Scorpio, for Zeus embodies that which belongs to the eternal spirit rather than mortal flesh… He offers the light of spirit, in contrast to the doomed and fated life of the body, held is a vicelike grip by Necessity. This is, as I understand it, the primary vision of Sagittarius – the ceaseless quest for a spirit which will transcend fate and death. The Astrology of Fate