Astrology Symbols

tumblr_nastyt7CNq1r7fbd1o1_500The evolution of the astrological symbols is a fascinating read. It was published in the first edition of the magazine Astrology Considerations. 1 I never realized the symbols went through such significant changes and morphed over time. Thanks must go to the author. I have a tendency to over analyze the symbols and come up with literal interpretations. For instance, the Moon landing happening in 1969 and being the symbol for Cancer. We may even get too straightforward at times: like the American writer that posed the Scorpio symbol is M for money, but god bless him.  2


  1. This is a publication that ran for years. Now all of the magazines are available digitally online for free. They can be downloaded and uploaded to your favorite reader. I added them all to my Google Play. In all, there are about 70 plus editions.
  2. I screen capped the article. It is over at ISSUU and to download each one click on the share button.