Jupiter Transits Sun: All Good?

jupiter transits sun
More, more, more

When Jupiter transits the Sun in our life, the world feels much larger; there is more optimism, and sometimes we just eat and party more at these times. It can indicate a time of celebration, like an important wedding, religious or sporting event.

Jupiter socializes the entire personality, even if we feel we possess zero confidence, we get some extra OOMPH with this influence and it is usually equated with the positive aspect of the fatherly influence (Saturn being the harsh Daddy). Jupiter is the FUN parent, the jovial father with lots of goodies under his arm, every time he comes around to visit. Most of us look forward to Jupiter dropping by, and he is the loving, supportive, and protective deity in the sky. The Jupiterian archetype symbolizes a greater search for new possibilities; the ability to find tremendous joy in every act of expression, generally, we feel more thankful and bountiful. Whereas Saturn is the ‘no’ saying part of consciousness, we find Jupiter is far more inclined to always say ‘yes’.  What’s more, he brings the praise and rewards that boost self-confidence and this energy is often uplifting, fostering our ability to find meaning and value in our experiences.

When Jupiter transits the Sun it can manifest mentally or physically and one extends their influence more directly and feels more energized to reach out, tapping into their greatest potentials. The outlook on life usually turns more confident and the person may just feel a lot happier about the world for a while. In the process, there can also be restlessness and a need to bite-off more than one can chew. However, it can also represent a time of gains, honors, rewards for the individual or a significant male, as the solar energy of the horoscope represents the men in our lives.

We feel a sense of enlarged pride for a child or husband who achieves something great and gains some kind of public recognition. People of prominence, fame, or someone who holds some kind of important role can be drawn towards us, offering opportunities and benefits. It can help us gain promotions, we also often win prizes, and if all this sounds too good to be true, it probably is in most cases. Not everybody experiences all of this goodness, and I have often felt let down by Jupiter transits because I have raised my hopes up over what to expect. Yet, there is usually something purposeful still to be gained, sometimes the goodies are delivered, and perhaps we are feeling good, humorous and more charitable at this time, which is still beneficial for our health.

When Jupiter conjuncts our natal Sun, astrologers often say that something wonderful will happen. That is not true. When transiting Jupiter conjuncts the natal Sun it will energize any Sun aspect that you have in your chart. It will emphasize the qualities of your Sun  sign and the activities symbolized by the house placement of the Sun. Jupiter always brings expansion – so it can indicate over-indulgence, a devil-may-care attitude, and overly optimistic attitude. It can bring opportunity into your life, but if the natal Sun carries hard aspects you may not see the oppostunity because Jupiter is energizing the hard aspects as well. Transits: The Time of Your Life


jupiter transits sun

Under a Jupiter transit, we may also go on Holiday, look for adventure and travel out further than usual, soaking up life. Of course, a lot of us get those Sun-Jupiter transits and all we really do is over-drink, over-eat, and over-spend for a period, and even this represents a time when we are feeling fuller, and often enjoying the taste of the good life, its fruits. Though, these transits can ruin diets, the feeling of abundance is usually felt. Sometimes good news comes through from an application for a loan or other endeavor, and it turns out successful. Jupiter transiting the Sun can open doors and it feels nice to be invited to parties, social gatherings, and to feel more popular than usual. The experience of this transit can often be illuminating, and we may gain wisdom and knowledge beneficial for our life purpose.

A Sun-Jupiter transit is supposed to indicate a time when we are fully protected from accidents and harm. We may feel healthier and stronger with a powerful sense of feeling alive and vibrant, not willing to hide our light under a bushel. A cheerful perspective helps us get along with people better, feel more included and everything seems to go well. We may meet a teacher and spiritual or religious guide, and they can help to broaden our worldview. Perhaps we meet more Jupiterian folks in general and life is enhanced for this whole time, showing us that there is more to life, and a greater purpose to our existence. Often, just having a good time and enjoying our life, regardless of the situation, will really help to lighten, revive, and enliven the spirit. We may need the spiritual boost more than we realize, and it can help by stirring us back into the direction of our true purpose.

During this time period, you feel like it is time to “go for the gold”. You want to hit the jackpot, and you may find yourself walking with a little extra spring and bounce, and whistling zippity-doo-dah! This is, indeed, a time of opportunity and good times. However, you also tend to harbor unrealistic hopes, exaggerate the possibilities, and lack a sense of realism. By Kepler

All the good stuff is great, but we also have to be careful of overextending ourselves, being careless in judgment, and acting on impulse. Most often, this can happen under the harsher aspects, but not always. Sometimes it’s still – ALL GOOD. However, astrologers warn about gambling because we feel especially favored and lucky at this time, and a financial venture which seems too good to be true often turns out to be that way.

Our expectations are raised, along with greater confidence and so we take risks and bet on life. While we can receive some pay-offs, we can also act in an unpractical manner, and make a HUGE mistake. At these times, there can  be TOO MUCH self-indulgence, greed, and a lack of control. We say ‘yes’ to extra drinks and chocolate and we really spoil ourselves (sometimes we need to say ‘no’), and so the indulgent parenting skills of Jupiter can make us indulge excessively. Self-importance increases, and so we have to be careful of not going overboard in our need to go ALL THE WAY.

All in all, there can be good experiences, and there can be excessive times, sometimes due to a lot of celebrating and feeling happier. Some of us feel like a Jupiter transit is a kind of holiday period and we can let our hair down for a while. For those people who often feel more restrained in self-expression, it can feel like there is some sense of release and freedom in the social life, and things may just go our way for once.