Mercury in Gemini: The Quick Thinker

a9981cf51e5b46bbc5d356b47cbd82cfAn individual with Mercury in Gemini is one of the fastest thinking of all the types,  and the mental and communication facets are the most dexterous as the soul loves to play in the world of concepts, ideas and solving riddles. The mind is awfully clever, raveling and unraveling with a passionate need for knowledge. This is the placement of the eternal student, always searching for new ideas and fresh ways of viewing situations.

In this position, the hermetic planet finds pronounced expression and is especially nimble, skillful, and perceptive. This is an also a major sign of social communication, the first of the zodiacal tribe to talk and communicate and it represents the first social element making room for opinions to be shared and gossip exchanged. Many enjoy discussions with the self, and unless otherwise indicated, the person is in the possession of the greatest communication skills. The brain is like a transmission and is endowed with magnificent curiosity and expressiveness; the intellect often follows lots of discussions and is the master of argument and counter attack, enjoying punchlines and puns.

The enthusiasm for learning is simply unmatched and the individual will often need their mind to be occupied and entertained. Some may even describe the nature of their quicksilver intellectual capabilities as daring intelligence. Since there are bright and dark sides to every nature, they can be, on the one hand, mentally witty, charming and amusing, and on the other – disorganized, inconsistent, deceitful, superficial, cunning and manipulative. With each individual, we never know what parts of the Geminian expression of the mentality will be expressed. It is never boring and it is always fascinating to observe their powers of thought in action.

The senses are usually lively, energetic and versatile, and they want to learn and discover because they fear missing out on anything; the mind needs to be everywhere. The individual entertains many ideas, possibilities, seeing things from many perspectives. Being a mutable sign, usually means that this ‘mental type’ is open mentally and easily adapts to many situations. However, the mind does possess a strong streak of restlessness, and when the energy is being used spontaneously, there is often a humorous, ironic and brilliant style to the wits, but on the flip-side, the individual could be hasty, distracted and talkative.

The mind of such people is often singularly lucid, but intellectually, rather than intuitively….Their logical processes are perfect, but they apt to generalize. Their superficial rapidity makes them good public speakers or journalists, for rapidity is an essential mental qualification in these  professions, ..They possess great versatility; often too much, sometimes lacking steadiness and application. They are easily influenced by their environment; a slight matter starts them off on a new trails. Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars

Mercury in Gemini is something of a mental magpie, picking up information from everywhere. The emphasis here is upon the power of communication in the environment. The individual may find themselves reading and writing a great deal and could also be something of the ideal conversationalist. The person can adapt their tongue to many kinds of people. At times,  they feel tempted to live only in the mind, for there is such a strong emphasis upon analyzing, experimentation and dealing with anything untried and novel. The intellect has a multiplicity of talents and this can include being mentally innovative, inventive, and with a special capacity for a powerful psychological outlook on their relationship to society. Much importance is put on the airy signs for their distinguishing human badge, with their ability to use the intellect to be objective, reason, judge and make decisions. All of this falls into this placement’s attitude, view on life and general outlook, and if the need arises, they can distance the mind from certain situations.

mercury in gemini
The mind is highly prone to duality

In terms of thinking, the mind is highly prone to duality, and so it can juggle many ideas at once, but dualism also makes their mentality difficult to predict. Mentally this wonderful traversing way of understanding the world gives off sparks of energy. The individual is always finding out interesting things, and people like to be around them because they are interesting and amusing. The sign of the twins is always spellbinding to study, for there are two characters at the same time, and one part of nature can be deeply attached and the other distracted. The attention and thoughts usually breeze towards being friendly and social, but as this is a most changeable sign, the wind can change their mind, and they can be unsettled. Still, the mind will always retain a youthfulness and enthusiasm, and will be energetic, loving to argue, discuss and debate.

The mind is something of a wizard and can be bright, astute, canny, insightful, artful, and adept. In fact, they can be persuasive, articulate and fluent or just an idle talker, smart or superficial, silver-tongued and illuminating or say things which are flippant, carefree and cheeky.  It all depends on the type of people the individual tends to mix with and what kinds of information they are exposed to daily. The mind usually needs some extra focusing, to avoid the constant diversions and to find something mentally worthwhile.  The type is often a fast learner, picking up information with ease, and comprehending things quickly, and can lend this native intelligence to any pursuit the individual finds most valuable. A Mercury in Gemini person can be a great asset to others in any area involving the communicative ability, writing and social fields.