Moon in Fall: Scorpio


Question: Why is the Moon in Fall in Scorpio?

If the Moon were to be placed in a position that was considered to be “uncomfortable,” it would be in the sign of Scorpio. It’s like you’re sitting on a volcano, and all of your pent-up emotions are just waiting to burst out. In addition to that, there are contents of the unconscious buried very deeply. The part of the soul that has been hurt is a potent psychological force that must be taken into account. The Lunar position has also been referred to as “the monster in the closet.” Since the Scorpion is so profoundly intense, there should be no difficulty in actually feeling things. The most significant challenges come in the form of repressions, blockages, obsessions, compulsions, and jealousies. The accumulation of such toxic emotions can have a detrimental effect on one’s health and lead an individual to engage in addictive behaviour.

The archetypes of the detective, hypnotist, psychologist, and shaman are all associated with having the Moon in this sign, according to astrology. Having Scorpio in any part of the chart is never an easy thing.  The creative force that resides within continuously excavates deeper and deeper psychological layers. Once the person’s mind, x-ray eyes, or laser-like focus is intent on finding some twisted place, which typically involves a significant portion of their energy, they really are unable to leave anything alone. In this sector of the horoscope, the Moon is emotional and provides access to the very deepest states of emotion, which results in psychological insight and unerring instincts. The Moon in this sector of the horoscope possesses this profound need to peer into the depths of the human psyche.

In this Lunar position, there is a profound sense of unease, and something needs to be brought to the surface so that it can be dealt with. It is also clear that the individual suffers from a profound fear of being utterly powerless, but they have a tendency to deny or suppress this fear internally. Due to the fact that they are highly suspicious and have the impression that there is more going on than meets the eye, it is very difficult for them to maintain a life above ground. When the Moon is in Scorpio, a person’s psychological maturity increases, and they become better equipped to deal with the shadowy sides of other people. The higher lunar Scorpion has a better chance of slipping into the shadows and acquiring more depth. Less evolved Moons, when confronted with frightening feelings, some people become drawn into psychotic behaviour, emotionally draining relationships, or hellish experiences.

The material that can be found in the Scorpio Moon is intense, sexual, and highly rewarding. In the meantime, there are other people who are perpetually caught up in sadistic games, power struggles, and love fixations. The shadow cast by the Scorpion’s Moon is one of morbid introspection, brooding, heavy moods, and a bog-like moss of dark emotions. It is possible for others to be harmed in the process, in addition to the self, which is susceptible to injury. While the Moon in this context involves many different kinds of psychological reality, it is analogous to opening the box of Pandora. The Moon is a symbol for the irrational side of ourselves, and it tends to act without much self-awareness or self-control. As they emerge from the underworld of Hades, many Lunar Scorpions are afflicted with horrifying emotional outbursts.

The Moon in Fall in Scorpio

It is in the seas of the third of the watery signs, Scorpio, where the Moon finds some challenge and discomfort. In the first place, as the sign of the mother, the Moon wants to give and preserve life. Scorpio is the sign of death and as such the Moon feels particularly vulnerable when she is placed herein. Scorpio also speaks about the death of form and its regeneration into something greater and finer. The Moon is the mother of all forms and is very conservative and protective by nature. As such she is very reluctant to lose any of her “babies” even if there is a promise of a new and better life in the end. The Moon much prefers to hold on to what she has in hand rather than to give it up for a promise of an unknown future.  By Alan Oken