Gemini’s Short Attention Span

Gemini's short attention span

Gemini is famous for their short attention span and can be called something of a “mind hopper”. The soul’s curiosity and fascination for learning will usually mean such an individual becomes restless and easily bored. In fact, Gemini is witty, and will always find light in the darkness. Isn’t it said that humor makes small things bigger, and big things smaller? This individual shines brightly like the Twin stars, and will never grow out of their child-like wonder. The ability to switch mental channels is something commonly observed by friends and family. It is also believed they like books of the short variety, but a lot will depend upon how Mercury is aspected and what planets are in the 3rd house. In general, many Gemini types are good storytellers, journalists and communicators. The person avoids repetition and predictability. As a rule, it is believed these natives need a lot of stimulation otherwise it has a deadening effect, and it zaps their essential energy.

For book club Thursday, we have the perfect choice for Gemini. It’s called The Twitter History of the World. Twittering should, in theory, be their favorite social platform. However, this would be horribly stereotypical, and so we are just playing on Gemini’s standardized nature and oversimplified idea of the sign.  It’s not even that the book was written by a Gemini (Sun in Libra trine Uranus in Gemini), it is by Kelvin Mackenzie. Let’s bear in mind, he is into this airy politics stuff and was also editor for The Sun (my partner utterly despises this newspaper over their coverage of the Hillsborough disaster). He doesn’t write the nicest things. Actually, the book makes funny – some dark subjects in mankind’s history. The author’s Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio makes sense of his sharp, quick and barbed humour, along with amusing psychological observations. The publication is also only 75 pages long.

I chose this book today for Gemini for the following reasons:

  • It’s short
  • It’s funny
  • It never stays on one topic for more than a minute
  • It contains factual events from history
  • It has street talk

Looking at the book review on Amazon I might be the only one who thought it was funny. ;-p