Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto in Sagittarius

Question: What happened while Pluto was in Sagittarius?

You’re in luck. I just happen to have my history book at hand, and it goes all the way up to 2008. Pluto was moving through Sagittarius during 1995-2008 and this means that all issues were deeply rooted in religious areas, spiritual, philosophical and moral affairs. All of these things were placed into a simmering volcano and we were faced with some loaded questions. Everything related to the sign Pluto is transiting through is “heated up” and made more intense. It is rather like all Sagittarius’ themes went into the incinerator and it all reached boiling point. Pluto in Saggy reflected a time of anxiety over religion, and there was plenty of intolerance and hatred directed towards foreigners and anyone from other cultures. It was all extremely nasty, and exceedingly hateful.

I guess the one major event of this whole period was 9/11. I remember astrologers going bat-shit-crazy over the astrological symbolism of this act of terrorism. Islamic extremist terrorists hijacked four passenger planes and crashed them all. Two of these commercial flights crashed into the Twin Towers, bringing everything down to ground zero. Some people were killed instantly and others burned to death in this horrible inferno. It created extreme paranoia, suspicion and mistrust reached new levels.

Pluto symbolizes all forces of terror and rules the underworld as well as hijacking. The Sagittarius symbol looks like an airplane and rules travel and foreigners (basically – terrorists on a plane).

Saturn represents all structures, forms, buildings and businesses. Gemini symbolizes the Twins, communication and commerce (basically -Twin buildings). The astrology of the event was startling in its pictorial imagery.

Pluto dredges up all of the nastiness laying at the bottom of its swampy layer. Everything that is useless, outgrown, rotten, poisoned and its main purpose it to clean these dark collective waters, this murky riverbed and pull everything up to the surface. Sagittarius is centred upon all issues to do with God, our beliefs and the highest good.

Pluto in Sagittarius



The Oklahoma bombing occurred with Pluto at 0 Sagittarius and Timothy McVeigh, bomber, had some important message to deliver. He was a white supremacist and survivalist and against the government. Another bombing at the 100th Olympics at Atlanta also happened. In astrology, Jupiter/Zeus, ruler of Sagittarius, ruled over Mount Olympus, home to the Olympian gods. The heights of this place was higher than the top of the mountains. In Greece, his famous temple and statue were situated were the Olympic games were held in his honor every four years.


The Dunblane children were mascaraed as they were just about to start P.E – along with a teacher. At another school, 13 were shot as two teenagers loaded with guns, knives and explosives wanted to kill as many people as possible and commit suicide. It happened at The Columbine High School. They felt a general sense of hatred toward the world and people in general. They hated both minorities and racists and were described as being contradictory in their seething resentment. A Gun Massacre at a University in Virginia killed 32 students and professors. A teenager from South Korea, suffered with mental illness, severe depression, selective mutism, and stalked female students. He lost control one day and went on a killing spree, and one teacher described him as ‘the loneliest person in the world’. Sagittarius rules learning places, teachers and areas of knowledge.

  • A plot to kill the pope.
  • Mother Theresa Died
  • The Fall of Saddam’s reign ended and the Americans pulled down his statue.


In general, the Da Vinci Code was popular #diggingforthetruth plunging us into the “Holy Grail”. The Passion of Christ also stirred up controversy. A lot happens during such a long period and this time definitely lifted the lid off everything. It uncovered seething resentments and everybody’s belief system went in for an overhaul and it left behind its scars and wounds in the process.