11 Things: Being a Capricorn

1. The real downer to being a Capricorn is that you are ruled by Saturn/Chronus. It’s not a major bummer per se, but when you’re young, without a doubt, it can be hard to cope with this ‘old man’ image associated with your zodiacal sign. The god governing over Capricorn was the ruler of time, after all, and this is where we also acquired the word ‘chronological.’ And you may read lots of different astrological readings, with many claiming how it will all get better with age. You age like a fine wine, but some days you would rather open the darn drink and have some fun. It all sounds great if you’re in your forties (not long to wait), but not so great when you feel like you are only just beginning life.

2. As a Capricorn, you are great at keeping promises and unwilling to let others down, therefore, much of this means that you are committed to honoring your duties. However, why does it always feel like you get the ‘boring’ end of the stick? While the other signs are out having a blast and tasting freedom, according to astrological lore, poor Capricorn is caged to some kind of goal 24/7. So why must your inner soul always feel obligated? It’s probably just that you hate buck-passing and must fulfill all responsibility by some kind of internal law. Who’s laughing later, though, when you have your own business, home, and self-respect intact. Yes, being a Capricorn lets you have the last laugh. At the highest level, you’re actually capable of defining and fulfilling all the responsibilities sent to you by the board of directors up in the cosmos.

3. As a Capricorn, you are like the mainstay of our civilization, providing the concrete means to fulfill obligations as a member of society. Cappy is usually geared towards the system. Though I have witnessed some naughty devils learning all of the rules and finding loopholes and then getting into trouble. You are not all law-abiding citizens, let’s be real.

4. It’s a hard knock life. The kind of results Capricorn people achieve is not gained within a year. In fact, it usually takes double figures. Nobody wants to be told that the road ahead is long and paved with obstacles, frustration, and banging one’s head against the furniture. Also, you are not aiming for success for some kind of solar glory. Respect and ‘status’ of reaching your achievements are what is usually desired, a need for material security features high on the list, too. After all, few young people achieve such success (apart from the internet millionaires) and so it is much later when you earn the prestige factor through time and effort.

5. Capricorn’s archetypal images are: The Father, The Elder, The Authority (powerful symbols to live up to), you must push towards this kind of excellence in this evolutionary journey.

6. It’s you, Capricorn, who will often get to hold the rule book. This often means that you’re in charge, the boss, the chief, the president, the head, the chairman, the manager, and the controller (those titles have nice rings around them, just like Saturn). All Capricorn astrological related things that have a tendency of moving us towards order, boundaries, and rules. Without them, everything would be chaotic, just think of the acts of rebellion and revolt with people running across borders without permission, running through red lights, violence, and pure vandalism.

7. Depression may factor at critical periods in your life. You place so much weight and responsibility and obligation on those gorgeous shoulders. Over time, something gives. The psyche begins to feel the pressure and you may get resentful and bitter. Perhaps you live with some element of isolation and loneliness. Yes, Capricorn stuff can also entail some of the crappiest feelings in the world. Feelings can often be contained and it is difficult for your soul to unburden these burdens onto all and sundry. You have never been one for crying and feel embarrassed or self-conscious about even the most trivial of feeling. Feeling down occurs through feelings of disappointment and too many let-downs to bear. Your sign Capricorn has been famously known to be stuck with a kind of permanent melancholy, but this is only because reality is so deeply, along with all of its flaws, regrets, and failures. In Psychology, they say that just before success happens it’s like ONE BIG TEST comes to meet you, and then it’s through those gates. Just keep holding on.

8. I should really throw something karmic on the table now, to spice things up. Your sign, Capricorn, apparently did not take the high road on the last trip of life, and you are left in this lifetime with guilt and shame to deal with. I don’t personally believe this. It’s nonsense! However, you are supposed to have a steely resolution, this time, and plan on succeeding in the right way.

9.  As a Capricorn, you may often give yourself mini-parental lectures when self-talking.

10. You must also wrestle with inner demons and this is usually what is limiting the full potential of your spirit, weighing you down.

11. You must learn to master something completely. While it sounds like a tall order, luckily you possess the goods to deliver, only as long as you always pick yourself up after every fall.

No one, fortunately perhaps, is all Capricorn, anymore than any one person can embody or exclusively manifest any one of the signs; but for the man or woman who wants to succeed in the world, the chart can hold no better ingredient than Capricorn. To have even one planet in Capricorn can give ambition in matters to do with the planet, sign or house involved. Astrologically Speaking by Ingrid Lind